Daily Food

You will possess your possessions : There is no doubt

This beautiful morning of another beautiful day,  I pray, any power that may want to stop you from entering into your new season of advancement and great accomplishments shall be uprooted and cast out. Advance today and make progress, by His grace you will enter into your promised land, you will possess your possessions, you will claim your inheritance, so shall it be in the name Jesus Amen….
 I pray that the  Lord will destroy all the seeing and unseeing forces that are contending with your destiny. All agents of the devil in human form that has been assigned to hinder and divert your blessing be disgraced. I decree and declare there shall be no burden upon your life and all sources of obstacles that block your progress be destroy in Jesus name Amen…
…  Romans 8:18 The Future Glory Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later.
-Praveen Saldanha

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