ZAMAARS Presenting their first album : Zarurat Hai

        Bekarari Baadh rahi hai…Bekarari Baadh rahi hai… Tumsehi Milne ki… and the best part comes …

…Yeshu Masih…

…Yeshu Masih…

…Yeshu Masih…

(One of the songs from their Album Zarurat Hai, coming soon!!!)

Their favorite verse from the Bible it says,

 I will Praise the Lord according to his righteousness and I will sing Praise to the name of the Lord most highest!

-Psalms 7:17


 It’s just awesome when these songs actually bring revival to your mind, body, and soul and lead you in the heavenly atmosphere. Not to be in hurry and staying excited the album is almost getting ready to bring a glorious revival in India and other parts of the world. Each song is written with prayers and from beautiful testimonies of each band members, and the compliments are given to the well-known brother, Musician Abraham Joseph, a songwriter, lead vocalist, and a well-known guitarist.

“ZAMAARS is a Hebrew word, meaning praising God with skilled music and honoring the throne of Grace. Each one of us are actually musicians and love to lead Praise and Worship with perfect voice, sound, pitch, and  best instrument.” 


Now Zamaars the band is very famous in terms of music and their love to praise and worship God the Almighty Saviour. Once they strum their music they are actually into an artistic mood of playing a magical tune which completely changes the atmosphere,  quite interesting, it’s now getting more curious to listen to the rest of their songs. Zamaars are totally molding and shaping the hearts of younger and elders towards the goodness of God. Today you may be a fan of many superstars, pop singers like Michael Jackson or Beatles, yes they are awesome, you definitely can’t compare their music and songs with anyone else. But the fact is we all have to Zamaar(singing with musical instruments to the Lord of all).

Today 80% youngsters need Christ, needs music that can heal their mind, body, and soul. It’s not enough for us to see youngsters dying with many heartbreaks and depression, and one of our mission is to get these youngsters in the heart of heavens. And we are doing the best! When we knew Jesus Loved us more than anyone we started loving ourselves. 


The most important mission done by Zamaars is saving many youths through their testimonies, songs and music and other important counseling activities done in local churches in Mumbai and other states of India. Some people who are reading this might also have attended there powerful blessed service in their own church.

Band Members, the most Music Spicy People! Just Awesome to meet them!


Abraham bro

Abraham Joseph, you can call him guitar birdy, He loves singing, writing songs, and counseling youth in many churches. He is really the most important member of the band who enjoys the directorship in keeping things enlighted. Yes, now you know him better! He directs and executes all the important decisions.



Jolly and most friendly face in the band, Robert Kannoor, best at lead guitar, professionally a Music Teacher, you will see him pretty serious yet very fun loving. He holds the master key to lead the band in handling many required equipment that can be used perfectly with singing and leading the Praise and Worship. And yeah, you know him well now!!



Richard Kannoor, a great pianist. He holds the keys to give beautiful tunings and sounds while leading the service. God has really blessed him with perfect music skills! Students just love him more than his music. He loves teaching his ideal music mind at personal and professional level. You know him now!


drummerAaron Sonty, Beats for life! One of the best drummers in Mumbai. He has achieved his vision when he started playing drums for Zamaars and became blessed in Christ, He is a very silent person yet very smart, exactly knows when to buzz online or on your face. He holds two degrees in the band, it’s the best drummer and the best financial planner. He is called a cool minded at times, now you know him!



Call him a kid, Roshan Tony! The youngest member of the Band. He is absolutely the most talented and most adorable boy in the band. Playing multiple roles in Zamaars makes him hover on technology and music.  He plays electrical and bass guitar as well as loves being Tech Hunt! Along with his musical life journey now he studies Electronic Media and Sound Engineering in one of the best colleges in Mumbai. And you know him well now!


Ajay , bassist

Call him moody and classy, he is totally biased with old fashion, he loves to be very serious with his singing and playing instruments. He loves the Vision of Zamaars, here we are talking about Ajay Gadani, he believes a way can be too easy when the Lord makes it right! He sings with high scale note which totally blows your mind off at times, it changes the vibration of the sound, and that’s totally cool!   If you are from Goa, tell him Hiii!! Professionally he takes guitar classes, and  You know him well now!

Well, this is just a start of the new and the very first album, more to know about them is they actually have been on tours for more places in Mumbai to serve God through the Praise and worship leading in various prayer meeting and conventions. Connect with ZAMAARS to know more about their booking and events, email- and support them for the glory of God. It’s just awesome when the songs of truth bring revival to your soul.  And we are excited about it all!

Contact details:

9773383012 – Robert Kannoor, Band Manager

E-Mail –

Be their fans on  social media pages,

Zamaars_Official -Instagram

@Zamaars_Official – Twitter

@zamaars – Facebook

Zamaars Channel – Youtube




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