Prayer, Practice and Perform: VICTORY SAYS I AM WAITING!!!!!!

I still remember the day I won the Bronze medal for 800 meters marathon Race, I hardly could see the pain when I received the medal in my hand. It was awesome! This was in my 8th grade. Still, when I look back, it’s a proud moment for me because I felt like I won something very unusual that does not happen to everyone or every time. Right? I also remember the morning warm-ups and pain I took every day at 5 am for practicing and having a physical fitness at the nearby sports field, and now all these are my golden moments of my life. I still remember when I secretly prayed before I started my practice and then gave my best with the Lord’s Promise to me, saying

horse is prepared for the day of battle, but victory comes from the Lord                          – Proverbs 21:31

Today, many of you would be having some vision like I did for Winning the medal, and this still continues in the completion of every task given to me at Office or being at Home.  In this race, sometimes it’s important to remind yourself few things before you move ahead with your vision and race in the competition among many competitors who are trying to overcome you. And what would be that if you want to overcome these competitors?


Prayer is the most effective tool for communicating with Almighty, who listens to you at all times and His nature is Loving, kind and peaceful with being faithful to provide. When you pray, do not pray as if you reciting 5 words again and again and again, this is not the pray which comes from the heart if you pray, it should be like your talking about your life to God. If you want to know more Click here. ***Remember prayer is your talk with God.


It’s actually a phrase, “Practice make a man perfect.” It’s true! Just image whenever you are having competition, you start preparing before one month or even before 8 years etc.  But this can be in vain if you don’t practice with a prayer. It’s a fact. Practice will always keep you active without failing you anytime. As the strength comes from the Lord. To know more or personal guide get connected. 


Performance is always after numbers of practice you do to make a final presentation. Wow! I always loved presenting creative ideas and project presentation at my college level. I was, in fact, the nerdy kid for digging lots of competitive ideas at desk, always directing things and performing better. This was my ideal way of working out at worst and at the best situations. And I loved it!!! But all I have to say it is It was easy with Prayer, Practice and then Performing with extreme satisfaction. What ideas you have? Tellme for your Success! Get connected to know more of Life Adventure with Victory !!! I would love to send you a gift online free, this will help you achieve your Goal with Prayer.

Get rewarded by God as the Bible Says, “But as for you, be strong and courageous, for your work will be rewarded.”                                                                                                       – 2 Chronicles 15:7

God Bless you abundantly!!!

Stay connected to Learn more blessed word from Bible!!! CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!


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