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 Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram for the Lost and Needy: My Vision

Dear Beloved in Christ,

Greetings from Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram!

I would like to share my challenging story in helping and rescuing helpless children and destitute people, men and women. From my childhood, I used to help needy people as per my capacity. After I came to Mumbai, I saw several pathetic situations of helpless people which continuously hunted me. I was always thinking of how I can help such people. At that point, I had a vision and strong feeling for the lost and needy people in 2010.  Ever since I had a great compulsion inside me to do something meaningful for the needy and destitute people.

Therefore, I started to think the ways to implement the vision into a reality. To the fulfillment of the vision, I decided to step down to help people in need without thinking the future and my family. After I started the work, I really realized the challenges and difficulties. However, I had great satisfaction by seeing the smile on their face after they got the love, food, care, treatment.

Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram

I got such needy and helpless people from the streets, roadsides, railway platforms, bus stands, under flyovers of Mumbai year after year. When we got them, most of them were infects by different deathly diseases like AIDS, TB, Cancer and other illness and mental problems. And also, Mumbai Police, Navi Mumbai Police, Local Police, Railway Police and different NGOs brought destitute people into Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram.


I am also helping children in need. Most of the children who are under my care are taken out of the ‘Red Light’ areas of Grant Road, Kamathipura, and Sonapur, where their mothers are commercial sex workers. Right Now I am taking care of 24 children.

Presently, Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram is blessed to care and help 65 people including children and destitute people.

I accommodate all of them in three rented houses, due to which we are facing a lot of challenges such as space limitation, etc. We cannot accommodate more needy people in our Ashram. Every day, I get numerous calls from the people who are lay down in the streets and other places from different parts of Mumbai.

But due to the financial problem, we are not able to take one more rented house. We need huge fund to cover our daily expenses including the educational expenses of children (all our children are studying in English Medium School), food, medicine and house rents.  However, there are expenses beyond these that adds up; they include health care of the children, school supplies, clothes, salaries of staff & cook, expenses of accounting, vehicle maintenance and fuel, facility maintenance, electricity & water bills, etc.



These all expenses are covered by the help of individual people who have a passion for the needy people. Notably, we do not have any government support and any regular supporting source.We are also privileged to help 22 people, who lost in Mumbai, to reunite with their family. As we get the information from the people, we try to find out their family through the help of Police. Then, we reunite them with their dear ones all over India.

Since I started this great work, I was able to help 11 people to get a peaceful and satisfied last right in the Ashram. Otherwise, they were supposed to die as stray dogs in the streets of Mumbai. Death is a reality which no one can stop anybody. Even though, it has been a very true need and right of every human being to get a decent and good death. But, the saddest fact is that unloved and uncared deaths are a common truth in Mumbai. Most of the lost and destitute people who have been admitted in the Ashram are leading a life with terminal stages of fatal diseases. However, Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram is endeavored to give such unloved and unwanted people a good and decent death and funeral/burial.

To continue this ministry, I need a place. As I mentioned above, I am doing these all in rented houses. The major challenges are like vacate rented house which is a big challenge as shifting people who are extremely in need and unsupported attitude of neighbors. I can do this ministry without such challenges only if I have a place for the Ashram and I can give care for uncared, give better education to the children and give comfortable stay under the secured roof to people who have nobody.


However, I am trying to get some land for lease from the government for last two years. Still, the paper works are going on. I am hopefully trying to get that land soon. If I get, I can do more things for the betterment of such helpless people.

Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram is passionate to give a better life for more people by the years coming. As statistics are true, there are 1.77 million destitute people living on roadsides. I am sure, if you are with us, we will be able to make a tremendous impact in the coming years.

I believe that there are limitations for me to do all these things alone but together we can make a great impact in the lives of many especially who deserve it. I wish to get hands-on Good Samaritan from you to fulfill this great vision.

I look forward to you with great expectation, this is great a burden which God has put in my heart to bless the needy with the primary needs if God willing you can also be a part of this mission. Thank you. Do keep me and my whole team in Prayers. God bless you abundantly.

With Regards and Love!


Pastor Sinu Mathew

Director, Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram

Tel No. 022 65655565, +919594453267.


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