My God is awesome, He divided the Red Sea, He broke the Wall of Jericho and He saved me before I was born and Now I live to say He is Almighty!  -Judie Manuel

Small children have a habit of doing the things opposite when they are warned about harmful things, if you tell them don’t go in the kitchen they will go, if you tell them don’t touch that bottle, they will not only touch the bottle but also open it and spread it all over the table or floor. This does not stop after one child or after telling 5, 6 kids in your family. It goes on with all children till a certain age. 

Likewise, there are millions and trillions of people who have been warned to avoid many things which may bring death or punishment in their life but they still continue doing it. Why? they feel more secure in their wrong habits than fearing God and following a healthy path of life. They are afraid of things which are basic human principals. These are who don’t want the power of God, they are led in wrong life, they don’t want to fear God but be their own boss of their life. Now this not something new to age, from the time this earth was made, there were these kinds of people among the Godly once who are called Gentiles and the one who rebelled against God the Father in Heaven. 

But more they objected to following God they faced many challenges in Life which may be many issues in family, health or finance. Now I went through one verse in the Bible which was an eye-opener for me, as it said,

“We will not hide them from their descendants;
    we will tell the next generation
the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord,
    his power, and the wonders he has done.” -Psalms 78:4

Now people who have seen so many wonderful things that God does for his people and for those who believe in Almighty has tremendously been a courage and motivation for generations who are born in the Name of Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. This faith actually does not shake even when people object to God’s deed. why?  Because when you see some miracle happening in your life, you won’t stop saying it to people around you and in your family. Each generation will proclaim and His beauty and wonderful act that he does at every moment of life. 

Who will Stop men from saying the wonders of God? NO ONE!!!! YES, IT’S EXCITING!!!!! I love the deeds of God, because, once you find him, you will never want to lose his love again. He heals, He delivers and He gives peace!

-Judie Manuel

I am sure this message will revive your soul, as the act of God has made you the person. If your alive today it means He is God seated on the throne to move your steps and guard your ways. He loves you more than you can ever imagine. And once you know this love you will not stop telling people about his power and peace you have experience. There is no religion called Christian from south, north, east or from the west. There is only One God from Heaven who lives forever. And He rules every heart, maybe you believe or don’t believe He holds your life.

He says to you,



Believe in Him Today not because I have told or anyone has told you but because you want your family to be saved. He is waiting for you. Call to Heavenly Father, Jesus is healing you right now. He delivers you and Honors you as He has made you with is costly breath. Call on him if you are in trouble.


Lord, I thank you for the life you have given me, I knew there is one God of heaven and no other who holds my life forever. I believe it’s you, Jesus. I bless you Lord for saving my life, even I am surprised if I think how wonderful and power you act when I cant save myself, and you are always for me, right next to me. Come to me and Lord Heal me. Forgive the wrong things which hurt you. 

In Jesus Name I prayer Amen 



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