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Depressed is not my Case: Volume 1

Heya Guys, I miss you readers so much! I had promised to write on depression and I had to research with people who actually say I am depressed, I am in depression. OH ! That’s really sad! But amazingly I came to my own conclusion when I found how I had to go through hard times rather than calling it depression, last to last year. Even though what I am going to tell you about depression is quite different from what you call it aloud or so-called, “DEPRESSION”. SAY NO TO DEPRESSION!!!! Click Here. 

I am excited your reading this, it will help you use your six sense and be a better person for tomorrow. You are not in the depression, stay lively!

-Judie Manuel

Chapter 1——— WHAT IS  DEPRESSION? I need a Healing!!! 

My healing comes from God when I am sad, but when I was in depression I found One verse from the Bible which said the right things for me than my negative thoughts. Check out,

“But you, LORD, are a shield                                                                                                         around me, my glory,                                                                                                                           the one who lifts my head high.”                                                                                                                                                   Psalms 3 :3

When I read this verse I was comforted with much grace of Almighty. You know how? The Lord is our shield, it means no matter what God is around us to protect us, and when it says about the glory, it means the light and shine of Heaven will be in us, around us and for us.  And the last sentence says the Lord Lifts MY HEAD, meaning he actually does greater things for you.

When I was depressed I heard two things from somewhere, it said, “You cant succeed in life, it said you cant be staying for too long, there is no hope in your life. You better know who speaks those words, his name is loser satan. haha! The good thing to call a looser to Satan is because he will be a loser forever!

You know Why I like to tease this Satan? Because whatever he said to me years back, exactly opposite God has planned for me! And now I rejoice!  God has some beautiful promise for your life, you have to either accept it with  God or easily get confused with Satan talking to you and making you weaker.

I am saying this because what I have experienced has made to be close to God. Everybody leaves you at some point, but the love of God has a limitless condition which makes you win the plan of God for your life. You will not understand when times are hard, rough and you seem to be fallen down somewhere with no help. But Cheer up I have good news for you!!! Jesus Loves you and you are not depressed or fallen into any pit. Open the Bible if you have or just confession this words for your life.


Jeremiah 29: 11 -“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

 Chapter 2 ——–Who discovered Depression? READ WISELY!

Now, you have this question right back in your mind somewhere, it says So What is depression???? I don’t understand??? 

-Judie Manuel 

Well, depression was not founded by one person, you can say by many priests and doctors who treated people with their practical therapy of healing power. This is totally different from what you think of depressing, mind it carefully! So going back to the written accounts of what we now know as depression, it was roughly discovered somewhere in second millennium B.C. in Mesopotamia. In these writings, depression was discussed as being a spiritual rather than physical condition, with it, as well as other mental illnesses and stressful issues, being thought of as being caused by demonic possession. As such, it was dealt with by priests rather than physicians and other therapist doctors.

To be continued …


Father in the name of Jesus I come to you,                                                                                        I know you are the Messiah forever…. I thank you, My Saviour,, My king and My Father. Today I may be going through hard times, but I thank you lord That I am not in the depression. I live to see your love in My Life. I want to see good days which will bring glory to your name Jesus! Thank You, Lord, for greater plans you have for me according to your Word.

In Jesus Name I pray,

Amen and Amen!!!! 


Stay connected to know more about God’s Love !!!!

Your loving Friend and Sister,

Judie Manuel



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