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Pratham Sthaan Dunga, Bas Tuje, Favourite Song In 2018: Kenneth Silway

Yeshu Naam ko Ucha Karunga”

Yeshu Naam ko Ucha Karunga, I will lift your name higher, such wonderful worship song, I just received the copy of this album a few days back and I was really blessed to hear this version of my own prayer. Few lines I did confess every time during my prayers, worship or being elsewhere and now I can just sing the song all the day while travelling or taking breaks during the office hours or being at home.

Now this song has a prayer, and I thank God for Kenneth Paul Silway, from Pune holds the voice of heaven, a blessing to many generations. And more excitedly this album has more word of praise and worship songs were a true confession of God’s Glory is declared and praised to Glorify the name of the Lord. Amen!!!

“Now there is a listing of Hindi Songs on the Album, ” Beihtehaan Pyaar”!!!”

Mahima(Glory), Dard(Hurt), Yeshu Tu Hai Sabse Pyaara,(Jesus Your loving more than all) Beihtehaan Pyaar(Undefined Love), Tulsa Koi Nahi((Apart You No one ), Tera Pyaar Hai Apaar(Your Love is Beyond), Main Azad Hu(I am Free).”

All the blessing are showered with a wonderful voice!

I loved Pratham Sthaan Dunga, as it has come with beautiful voice, awesome tune and rhythm and importantly with Glorious prayer from the Bible. I am linking the channel below!!!! I’m excited for you to listen! -Judie Manuel

Keneth Paul Silway1

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