This beautiful morning of another beautiful day,  I pray, that the present situation and the needs in your life will be a project and priority of heavenly and that you will soon have a breakthroughs with remarkable achievement and real testimonies. I pray from now like Eagle you will soar high, like Gold you will be valued, like Sun you will continue shinning in God’s glory, before the people, the Lord God will visit and bless you. His grace will be enough and sufficient for you, in Jesus name. Good morning &  have a blessed Sunday.

*January you shall not lack anything good (Psalm 34:10)*

Romans: 3. 23. For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.
_*Be blessed &  be a blessing*_❤️

_(This time next year you will have a different story to tell in Jesus name..  Genesis 17:21)_

Your Brother In Christ,                        Praveen Saldanha


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