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Israel, Holy Land Tour! Book Today

A Heartfelt warm welcome to all Churches from India, China, Nepal, Bangladesh and all States Worldwide, today announcing the tour to the Holy Land, Jerusalem Pilgrims Fellowship invites you for Bible Study Tourism for much joyful and blessed experience.  To book your seats click here. 

Touring Israel in 2018 is one of the best times where you are able to see, feel and touch the most sacred possessions stored in many Holy Places. These places are not only meant to luxury your trip but also take abundant of blessings from Almighty God to your own homeland country.

Your trip covers many destinations which include -City where Jesus Christ was Born, the childhood place where he stayed and the church where he served also the last meeting where Jesus was caught by the Roman Soldiers, and yes this is not the end. You will also see the place where He was buried and resurrected. While on tour you get two Communion Holy Service, one at Garden tomb of the Lord and the other one in the Sunday Worship Service. (Both are very important). In case you are new to this, you will be explained at the very moment. Read more in the Bible, it is the best guide for you while being at home or on tour.


The Trip is Exciting! 

People while touring in Israel get to see the beauty of modern Jerusalem city including the high graded hotels, promenades, restaurants and shopping malls. Visits to the museum like Israel museum, the largest cultural institution in Israel which ranks for being the world’s leading art and archaeology amusement. Near the streets, in Hotels, you get the tastiest cuisines on the menu list.(My mouth is watering, yummy!).

Places you will discover! Jerusalem Pilgrims Fellowship Plan Chart!

Note* All the chapter and numbers given in the brackets are from the Bible.

 The start of the tour will be a visit to Mt Nebo (Deut 34:1-5) the place on river Jordan where Moses spent the last day of his life viewing the Holy Land continued with place where John the Baptist (Mathew 14-9,10) was imprisoned before being beheaded by King Herod and also Madaba (Acts8:1-3) the place of ancient Churches.

Later you get to see Israel-Jordan border and Cross Sheikh Hussein Bridge a gateway to step into Holy Land Israel. The following visit will be to the Church of Transfiguration on Mount Tabor, Church of Annunciation (Luke 1:28) and Joseph’s Work Shop(Mark 6:3), Cana(John 2:1-11) the place the Jesus has turned water into wine.

After a night stay or so, you will explore Mount of Beatitudes (Mathew 5,6 &7 Chapters)where Jesus Christ delivered the sermon on the mountain. This will be followed by a visit to Tabgha (Mathew 14:17) where it is believed that the miracle of the fish and the loaves took place.

Most likely while you are excited about more visits, you will enter Capernaum (Luke 7:1) one of the main cities in the area during the time of the ministry of Christ Jesus, the Church of Primacy(John21:15-19) where the Lord spoke about Peter announcing his ministry.

To the fullest, you will be able to experience how Jesus sailed in the boat on the sea on Galilee(Luke 5:1,2), this will be followed by Baptism at Yardenit baptismal site (Mathew 3:13).  This anointed baptism will be given by Rev.T.A.Prabhu Kiran for all new souls in Christ and who are willing to get water baptized. Singing and praising God all the way after a powerful baptism, you will pass through Mt.Carmel and Ceasaria.

You will later be visiting Mount of Ascension ( Luke 24:50 -53), Pater Noster the place of Lord’s prayer( Mathews 6:9-13) and the Panorama on Mount of Olives and go to Garden of Gethsemane ( Luke 22:39-46) the place where Jesus prayed in his last hours. You can have your own prayer time for some moments while being in the Upper room, David’s Tomb and Caiaphas’s House (Mathew 26: 57). We will also be visiting the Church of Nativity (Luke 2:7), and Shepherd’s Field (Luke 2:8) where the shepherds heard the good news followed by snacks and some fun shopping time.

Following the day we will be visiting the Garden Tomb (John 40-42) where we will have the Communion,visit the Pool of Bethesda ( John 5:2-9), walk on Via Dolorosa (Luke 23:26) the way of cross,Visit the Holy Sepulcher (Luke 23:53) and also the Wailing Western wall( 1King8:29-36) the only remains of the Temple. ,

You will primely visit Jericho ( Luke 19:1-10), Dead Sea (Joshua 3:16), Qumran Caves and Lazarus Tomb( John 11:43) in Bethany and return to Bethlehem for dinner and overnight stay at Bethlehem Hotel. Visit Bersheba wilderness and cross into Egypt from Israel Border to reach Dahaab for night Stay will be followed which later on the way you will see a pillar of Lot’s wife, and also wet your feet in the waters of Red Sea.


The very end of the trip, you will be visiting Mt Sinai  (Ex 19:11), where the Ten Commandments where given. You will visit St. Catherine Monastery, Burning bush (Ex 3:2) and the well of Moses(Ex 2:15).

Then there will be a long drive to reach Cairo on the way visiting old testament places such as Marah (Ex 15:22-26) and Elim (Ex 22:27) and crossing the Suez Canal through the tunnel. Wonderfully you will get in though Nile Cruise on River Nile in the night where you will also have dinner.

The next morning after breakfast you will be visiting a Great Pyramids, the Sphinx and also  Abu Serga Church (Mathew 2:13), papyrus shop and the most fragrant perfume factory and few nearby places.

You will enjoy the overall beauty of blessings, prayer and with much of fellowship. Plan it before it’s late! You are welcome! WE ARE EXCITED TO SEE YOU!!!





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