Why Marriage is Important? – The First Miracle of Jesus Christ at the Wedding

I never thought I would write this post, it’s exciting for me as well. Probably it’s a blessing for me too! Many people at certain age want to get married and no doubt marriage is beautiful! Well, I am getting goosebumps now! Are you planning a wedding or what’s your status about marriage? I don’t know how practical things work out while preparing for marriage but out of many practical examples I want to share the message of marriage and it’s importance, how Jesus performed his first miracle at the wedding, he saved the marriage from becoming a shame game!

If you Read the Bible online it says in John 2:1-12, 

The next day there was a wedding celebration in the village of Cana in Galilee. Jesus’ mother was there, and Jesus and his disciples were also invited to the celebration.  The wine supply ran out during the festivities, so Jesus’ mother told him, “They have no more wine.”

“Dear woman, that’s not our problem,” Jesus replied. “My time has not yet come.”

 But his mother told the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”

 Standing nearby were six stone water jars, used for Jewish ceremonial washing. Each could hold twenty to thirty gallons.Jesus told the servants, “Fill the jars with water.” When the jars had been filled, he said, “Now dip some out, and take it to the master of ceremonies.” So the servants followed his instructions.

 When the master of ceremonies tasted the water that was now wine, not knowing where it had come from (though, of course, the servants knew), he called the bridegroom over. “A host always serves the best wine first,” he said. “Then, when everyone has had a lot to drink, he brings out the less expensive wine. But you have kept the best until now!”

 This miraculous sign at Cana in Galilee was the first time Jesus revealed his glory. And his disciples believed in him.

 After the wedding, he went to Capernaum for a few days with his mother, his brothers, and his disciples.

Now if you relate this miracle for your situation you will probably win the situation. I don’t know how bad the situation you have faced or how you are trying to get out of the difficulties for your marriage life. But the truth is Jesus made it clear to fill your marriage with pure and most original wine, that would not only save your life but also will be glorified among the nations. 

“Fill the empty jars with water and Jesus will turn it into a new brand wine” – Judie Manuel

I felt like sharing this message so did my part, now it’s your turn to ask Jesus to fill you with his love and compassion.

Bible says in Ephesians 4: 2, 3 – Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love. Make every effort to keep yourselves united in the Spirit, binding yourselves together with peace.” 



Lord, I thank you for making me your vessel. If in case I am empty fill me with new fresh wine, I need your love to overflow on me. I need your grace to abound and I love you but before I did you formed me in my mother’s womb and I am here, glorifying you. I also ask you to unite my husband or wife together for your glory. Forgive me if I have gone astray from your love. I need your restoration for my marriage. I thank you for hearing my prayer. 

In Jesus Name I pray Amen.

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