Winning in Spirit Defines the Attitude of Being Filled with His Power: Volume 1

The more I went deeper in the word, I found the Spirit of God is very important than anything in the world. And one more thing I learned God’s WORD has Power!!! Read on to be filled with wisdom, word and power of God.

-Judie Manuel, Good News Writer 


The Bible Says,

“For the word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires.” – Hebrews 4:12

I am excited!!!! I love to bring a message of hope, joy and above all LOVE and POWER to you!!!! 🙂

*** Just know that you are Victorious!!!! Trust God when you think your have faced something terrible and you are not able to get your life back, when you are not able to explain things to someone just know Jesus is holding you tightly in your arms. Factually if you ask people how often they are happy you will see many people raising their hands but when you ask how many people are sad none will agree to it why? Because everyone faces Sadness, it is also a part of life which teaches you to overcomes things but when the sadness can badly effect your life by causing many uncertain situations the you have to mind yourself with the Word of GOD!!!! And slowly these sadness turns into Joy!!!


I feel so tight in my spirit to share this with people who are experiencing a powerlessness in spirit. The spirit of God in you is the highest glory for you. Sometimes or most of the time you do not experience the power of God due to sudden break down. When the power holds you tight it also leaves you free, either to allow you to use it or to be a silent whisper.

Now the spirit of God when it comes upon you, you become the sole vessel for His glory, you understand that the work of God is more powerful than any creature on the earth or in Heaven. Well this time I have mentioned it more ‘deeper’ so that you will start using the POWER of God for your family and friends.

Today we work in organizations, schools and lot more places and simultaneously we serve our God. How hard it has become to be a coin having two sides? Well the coin has two sides but it has ONE VALUE!!! Similarly this is a good news for you that being in physical body, God has also given you one SPIRIT. The Spirit is His word, His Fire, His Glory!!!

Let No man say you are powerless! You are more than conqueror, you have the Spirit of God in You. You are loved by Father. Imagine Jesus had the spirit of God and now you also have the spirit of God. You may have to face the wind and the storm but remember when the spirit of the Lord is on you, you can just fight it back. You can just raise your voice and proclaim a lot of victories in your Spirit.


How to receive the Spirit of the Lord?

The spirit of God comes down on the people who believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and He died for our sin to save people from death. God opens up the heaven for you when you start confessing your that you totally trust the God of Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ.

After this confession you will start experiencing that Jesus is with you, you will start praying for your life to Jesus. You will keep moving with with in the direction He leads you. This will change your life. You will get peace and happiness. You will be filled with fire of God and you will start confession of Hid Word from the Bible. Read Online. 

Stop limiting yourself in presence of God!!!

To be continued… stay tuned…. I am excited for your blessing!!!!


Heavenly Father your presence is much more deeper than my thoughts  I believe you with all my heart, I Believe you are the Lord who saved my life as mentioned by you in the Bible. I believe because Jesus died for me and was raised  up again by the power of God to show the Power of Resurrection. I take this in my heart. I take miracles in my heart. Thank you Jesus!!! 

Thank you for your life Jesus,

In Jesus Name I prayer



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