Buddy You Should Grow Wise to be a good Companion

Ever imagined being addicted to friendship? Actually, it’s true some people have their best buddy and can’t stay without them. They love to be around them every time. And this explains it’s so good to have a good or best friend in God. Explaining them fears and failures lightens your burden more powerfully then subduing them in self.

Today I want to tell you how Bible explains about friendship between God and Men. Have you ever experienced your friendship with God?

“For everyone God has given companionship, When one feels low the other picks him up!! I am glad to have you!!!” -Judie Manuel, Good News Writer 

1.The Excellent Walk Abraham with God – That’s a true fellowship

According to the Bible Abraham was God’s friend( 2 Chronicle 20:7, Isaiah 41:8 and James 2:23). In the story, you will find the relationship with respect and obedience. This does not really mean Abraham was sinless or without faults but He trusted God to lead where he was supposed to go. When God spoke to Abraham He immediately obeyed and followed the voice of God. Therefore it is clearly said in Romans 4 that Salvation is not earned by works but through faith in the promise of God our Saviour.



2. Jonathan and David – The true love followed until the end

Another greatest story that depicts the love and bond for friendship is between David and Jonathan(the Son of Saul the King of Israel). In this when Saul tries to kill David, his own son Jonathan reveals the killing plot to David and tells him to escape from his father. At last Jonathan is shot by the arrow when he tries to save David. This is like sacrificing yourself to save someone. Ths’s more than a friendship.


3. Ruth and Naomi- The mother and daughter in law became the best friends 

In the Bible Ruth’s late husband was Naomi’s son. While even after the death of her husband she did not leave her mother-in-law alone. Even Naomi knew Ruth will not leave her and she blessed her so much that she got the biggest and special blessing and was married to the rich man named Boaz. This is the historical moment for Ruth and Niomi.



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