All are Invited to Join Word Creation Gospel Monthly Magazine!

For the month of September, the Lord has been gracious and he will continue to bless the work of his people for spreading the word of God. As announced earlier on various social media networks about the launch of the magazine on 1st October which will be launched very soon, few changes have been made for which the magazine will be extended to 22 -32 page and there will be awesome guest messages including some words of wisdom. I believe in powerful words. The words in this magazine only will be set for the glory of God. Filled with wealthiness each word will carry a message for your life, this will lead, empower and make your life stronger than the person or situation which may try to defeat you as a person.

“Stay tuned for WORD CREATION GOSPEL MAGAZINE, all set for heaven’s voice to be heard in every corner of the world”

-Judie Manuel

Beautiful inside & out

“The vision is to make your life with the word of God(The Bible), the relation of words in your life is who you are with or without the word. Once you understand the word you will understand your life in abundance in the presence of  God. The fact is true when your eye will see the word created and you will enjoy more than the person having millions of rupees in his or her bank account. Why? Your problems are easily solved than what money cannot do for you! Though the money is important – it cannot save your soul. The word of God will save your life from depression, mental stress, unhealthy life, no peace in life, confusion, no planning, no blessing in the family and many more which even you cannot think of.

The Bible factly explains when God spoke to his people with his words(voice) he wanted them to understand the deep vision told for every individual person. It can be anything related to your life, job, many difficult situations, in the financial crisis, family problems and lot more. It would be easy to say but when you are going through a problem, you will understand better which words from the Bible will touch you personally. This is the mighty work of the Lord.

The voice of the LORD is powerful; the voice of the LORD is full of majesty.                    – Psalm 29:4

The verse says the voice if the Lord is powerful which may confuse many people how the word can be powerful? what is the significance? I never experience! Explain to me!!

Let’s make it more clear, God first made man in his own image before which is made all the things like the sun, the moon, the stars and the rest of others. These things which you see now is made with his words. Then he made man in his own image with the dust or call it mud of the earth, but how could life come inside him? Surely the breath is important? right! Now God is a living God he knew if he breathes inside man he will definitely live and he did so, and man was now created to be on earth. Later the story begins how the woman was born. This was the powerful work of God and no other man or idol could have done or will do it!

Word Creation the title of the Gospel magazine likewise depicts the work done of God by his word, And it’s only by the vision planted and is getting established for the glory of God.



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