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Opposition comes Before a Miracle and It’s Time for Your Salvation: Volume 1

There are times when you try your best and get rejected due to many things of the world, but when I read the scripture in the Bible it clearly denied the knowledge of the world. (Strive to achieve greater heights given you by heaven’s beauty).

Now phycology says it happens exactly what you think, and yes it happens because you are truly believing what you are thinking or confessing. This is what a human study says according to observations made before and after reality. Well, I came to some awesome conclusion from the Bible. It revived me wholly and more powerfully! What’s that?

Firstly I read a verse in the Bible which says, ‘Before I have formed you I knew you and I have set you apart.’ This verse is found in the book of Jeremiah 1:5. This is a great blessing for many generations. You will not find any book mentioning the relationship of a human being with God in such a depth. (Allowing God to overtake you to bless you). Maybe you are thinking about how this could be possible. The fact is God is the master of all everything and everything was made by his will and through his words.

If he is saying he knows you before you were born and he still knows you how can you deny that? Will any situation deny that God is in Control for your life? He is just waiting for you!

Just take an example of your Mom, will anything or any person can convince you that you are not of your own Mom. Will you leave your Mom, just because someone told you? By any cost, you will never ever believe someone coming against your relationship with your Mom and Dad.

Also, the beautiful lines covered by one of the servants of God, it says,

“If you believe, God will be the same….

If you don’t believe, God will be the same….

If you deny still God will be the same….”

These lines have amazingly moved millions of souls to confess and repent for receiving Christ and the salvation of God. It’s awesome how many Christians can be even closer to God because of the verse,

-I AM WHO I AM – Exodus 3:14

Now you may question the Title? Exactly the title of the message is, “Opposition comes before a Miracle”. Well didn’t you get it? Some of you might really not believe in God or even being a different religion you won’t find the peace of god in you, you may be denying the presence of God (the existence of Heaven). The good news is for every miracle there comes an opposition- right now your mind will oppose you to ignore the importance of God why?

Now the good question comes from some people is, “Why there is an opposition before a Miracle? Point to be noted-

  1. God exists who can deny?
  2. Miracle Happen in the name of Jesus Christ, who can deny?
  3. You are the Miracle, Who can deny?
  4. Heaven and Hell, Who can deny?
  5. There is a Spirit of God and a flesh made of dust? Who can deny?
  6. A man was made in the image of God, who can deny?

All these sentences are only ‘acceptance’ and there will be no deniable for it. Because it is a miracle (Salvation), if your mind denies something relating to the presence of God, the father of heaven, that means you are denying a miracle. The miracle can be anything for your social life or economic or physical which will only possible are you accept God’s presence (Miracle) and allow Jesus to come in your heart.

Many friends do wonder why I am so spiritual or say and talk about the Biblical verse more on social media and other sites? Well again today there are millions of human beings in many hospitals and other cases suffering many different types of traumas, I am living a good life and after experiencing much pain and hurt, sickness and suffering I am still beautiful, bold and smart because of God’s word and the touch of the Holy Spirit in the Church. So why will I not be happy to spread the living word and saving someone’s life? Why will I want to waste my time in some exciting trip or video game which will cost my time and do nothing for saving other people or even myself but by reading the word of God and spending time in worship I will be able to declare and bring in more people in His throne of GRACE (This Will continued…)


Now all Miracles after Accepting Heavenly Father:-

  • You learn the good blessings and the bad curse
  • You learn to live a life of peace
  • You are an overcomer for heaven home(eternity)
  • You are a blessed generation
  • You are called by name and you are His(God)
  • You are prospered
  • You are healed
  • You are Loved
  • You are kind
  • You are respected
  • You are son and daughters of the highest God

John 3:16.

 “For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.”

Now I pray that God will truly open your eyes to see the beauty of Heaven, you will no longer be called to be in the darkness of the world but to see the light of God. You will be able to clearly see the word of God.  You will be able to see many things ahead of you and for you. You will not be a pity to anyone but you will be blessed to everyone. I believe with all my heart that God will bring a Miracle and won’t let any opposing mind, thing or any person stop you to get hold of surprised and blessings in your life only after receiving your first miracle which I am giving you is the word of God, it is your Father in Heaven, it is Jesus Christ who sacrificed on the cross for your sin. (What is a sin? To be continued in other volumes)

As you read the message I believe you are touched by the Spirit of God, my only prayer for you with the word of God is to bring Salvation and deliverance in your home, family and personal in Jesus Name Amen.

God Bless Your Generation!

Judie Manuel, Good News Writer

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