Take the Good and the Perfect Gift from Above

The perfect gift from God is always honourable, it it is good in sight sight of God and Men. Recieved something special in these days, whether by hard work, easy work, much loaded or so will obviously make you see the fruits with multiplied if kept God in centre of all. Let’s see the beauty of each things coming in for perfection in Glory and Might.

Never blame game any situation, if you can make it right with God for things much harder to achieve, He is Faithful to listen to you. JESUS IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER. – HEBREWS 13:8.

There may be a Question, Why I struggle so much in life, all I got is pain???? I would encourage you to read The Bible as all the promises of God gives you hope and future, it creates and moulds your life in worst or better situation. You are more than a conquerers. Each word of God simplifies your life for today, tomorrow and many years more. GOD SAYS, I HAVE CARVED YOU ON THE PALM OF MY HANDS. -Isaiah 49:16 IF You never knew HIM before don’t worry, He knows your beginning and the end. Just ask what you want He is able to hear you.

“Today I PRAY you will get the BEST in Life, no matter what situation you are going through, the Lord will Gift YOU with PERFECTION and make your path STRAIGHT.”
– Judie Manuel, Good News Writer

I am excited for the voice of Heaven passing from generation to generation, follow my link for updates, blog/msg –

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