They Won’t Faint

Loudly speaking the truthness of God’s beauty can make someone’s life worth living, it makes my heart glad, powerfully moves my being to be a historical one. And when the voice of God is heard, it turns the readers and people seeking help from Almighty recieves the blessings, healing, divine favours and many more you are expecting right now.

You are more than a conquerers, you are hearing and reading something very different which is of God the Savior. I thank God for the apportunity he has given me to speak a word of faith and power in your life. The seed sowed in your heart will multiply your life.

And thus this will be a winning part because when you run or walk continuously, you will never ever faint, you will climb mountains, fly like an eagle and YES YOU WONT FAINT…. YOU WILL ACHIEVE Greatness!

-Judie Manuel, Good News Writer

The Voice of My Father passes from Generation to Generation, He deserves praise and Thanks, In Jesus name. Amen!
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