“Pyare Yeshu” Releases Tomorrow: Soloman Lambani

Congratulation for your anthem song release Pyare Yeshu, it a great blessing from the Almighty for your ministry and for us to sing along during Praise and Worship hours.
-Judie Manuel, Good News Writer

Soloman Lambani

Introducing the release of “Pyare Yeshu” song by Worshiper Soloman Lambani on 1st March 2019. The song is written in the presence of God, seeking much love and power of the Holy Spirit.

Being gifted in the year 2017, where Soloman and his band were in the midst of practice at Ahmednagar Praise Party Concert. God lead him to the word, “Pyare Yeshu” and told him to keep it as an anthem song for his worship ministry. God also told him that this will be a heart-opening song for all people in Ahmednagar city following nations around the globe. And God truly being faithful this song video has come to pass with a great blessing and honor for His people. God be Glorified forever and forever Amen!

You can see my songs on youtube along with my testimony, be blessed in Jesus Name Amen. -Soloman Lambani, Worshiper 

More Details –

Name of the Song: Pyare Yeshu  Written and composed: Soloman Lambani  Music Production: Joel Sakkari Band: The Xtreme (Goa) Releasing on 1st March at 9pm.  Venue- YouTube and live premiere on Rophe Tv 

2 thoughts on ““Pyare Yeshu” Releases Tomorrow: Soloman Lambani”

  1. love this song very much because it said lord you are my soul desired yes and lord you are all I require lord unto you I cried ABB father might saviour to me thank you lord

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