Daily Food

Your Mess will be a Message for the People

This beautiful morning of another beautiful day I pray, that Almighty Lord will bring you out of every disadvantaged position to crown your efforts. I pray your positive dream in life will surely come to pass. God will change every mess into a message to hasten your miracle.

I pray that good news shall come to you and it will soon manifest; your life is set to shine (Isaiah 60:1-2), your tears will be wiped away (Revelation 21:4) your troubles will expire, your disappointments will become blessing, and your journey will end in praise with everlasting joy in Jesus name. Good morning, Have a blessed day ahead.

*March, you shall see the goodness of the Lord. (Psalms 27:13)*

John 12 : 24 I tell you the truth : Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies , it remains only a single seed . But if it dies , it produces many seeds.”

_*Be blessed & be a blessing*_ ❤️

_March ahead_🚶🏽

Your Brother in Christ,

Praveen Saldhana

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