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And Jesus Said to Me That Will He forsake Me

How are you all today! I feel blessed to share my word of God with you. Today while I was talking to myself about how can I think beyond the ways of people I came across one word, Hebrews 13:5 it says, “I will never leave you nor will I forsake you.”

It touched my heart so much much, I asked God what do you mean by this word. And the Lord said look at the little infants and many growing children without their mothers. How they live in the times of trouble????

Look at the your friends forsaken you at times when you needed them and I caught your hand and calmed your heavy breathing. I heard you from heaven then why now you should be dismayed????? Looked I have take from you the painful burden and given your life peace, I feel you with wisdom and understanding. I prosper you! Then what else you want ask me I will give you.

Today Jesus is there for you, you is omnipotent God. Always nearby! “I pray God will help you through as you call upon his name, you will no longer be forsaken. Jesus is your best friend he will surround you with people who will move you ahead. He will bring joy and peace with prosperity in Jesus name Amen.”
-Judie Manuel, Good News Writer

For deliverance Prayers contact 9137220032/judiemanuel@gmail.com

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