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The True Quality of Victory

No plans of hell can overcome you if you are in Christ, what’s say???? Let me make it more clear, it is must for you to understand that if you are in Christ you have already overcomed the word and beyond your imagination your imagination the Lord has raised you up.The quality of Victory or to overcome challenges was is truly defined by the POWER OF THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. You can be sick -How long???? You can be Financially weak-how long????Long how you are tormented by the situation that scares you day and night, pushes away the peace of Life, how long??? Is there any answers to it????? If no, I HAVE THE GOOD NEWS for you today, at this very moment as I am talking to you with these Annointed words read and listen very carefully. Observe the God of Heaven, He wrote in the Bible saying, I am the Alpha and I am the Omega meaning I am the beginning and I am the end. This is given in Revelation 22:13.The Bible purely say, I am the Lord that heals you, Again check the the chapter Exodus 15:26. How awesome God is and he can do anything at any moment of time. I am blessed to share this wealthy words of life to you. Amen “I PRAY GOD WILL PERFORM MIGHTLY ACT FOR YOU AS YOU BELIEVE IN HIM IN JESUS NAME AMEN”
-Judie Manuel, Good News Writer#goodnewspaper #happynewyear #justbelieve #reach #shoutout #believeinyourself #leaders #2019 #jehovah #june #excited #under #jesusreigns #america #asians #russian #brazil #singapore #usa #australia #thailand #japan #korea #peru #chile #india_everyday #readthebible #Readlife

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