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The Song I Got Few Years Back and Now It’s Releasing with Completion: Sneha Jounkani

Prabhu Raja Cha Ved Laglaye is a Blessed Marathi Gospel Song releasing on 25th July 2019

The song was written long ago just after Sneha Jounkani knew all about our Master Lord Jesus Christ.  Later in the incompletion of the song was just a full stop for a while but the twist to Sneha’s story came in recent days just after her marriage when she visited Kerala her Husband’s native and attended a powerful Sunday church and received a special overflowing anointing to complete the half song. And this will be a great blessing for many many after it’s release on 25th July 2019.

Now the most interesting fact about her encounter with the Holy Spirit became more real when she was worshiping God with all heart mind, body and soul. At this very moment, she had clear attention for the completion of the song. Just trusting God at the best moment of glorious surrounding where the Malayalam song was being led and the language was totally not known to her still the presence of God touch her immensely. She was powerfully reminded to continue with her songwriting and her experience was filled with more joy and peace at the moment, she also expresses her life journey to be for the glory of the Lord.

Each part of her testimony started when she could feel the Lord taking her from nowhere to somewhere and from un-loved to be loved. God is so gracious to that in her lonely and miserable times she got the most prophetic word from the Lord saying, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5 and knew God has called her to fulfill a greater plan in her life. She rejoices now like never before, she is the Child of the Highest.

 She also testifies when she didn’t know about Christ she was in the dark world and could not understand where the true light of Heaven is, she was not at peace any time of her life before Christ. All she knew was unworthy life on the earth. Now that she is strongly in Christ kingdom she is joyful, anointed and blessed. And she praises God for all good things He has done in her life, this is not ordinary, It is something extra-ordinary! Just amazing how He changes the hearts and minds of people to receive the Glory of Heaven that some don’t really understand but reading Bible will surely open the real eyes of the people reading. And like Sneha Jounkani you will be changed in the presence of God. It’s exciting!!! And you will surely testify! AMEN!!!

Sneha Jounkani – Gospel Song Writer and Singer

“All I could say is the powers of dark world could not stay long in my life, I am saved and today as I tell the world about Christ through my songs I feel blessed and honored.”

Sneha Jounkani, Gospel Singer

The Writer and composer of Prabhu Raja Cha Ved Laglaye

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