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Day 4 : Confession

You are my hiding place;
you will protect me from trouble
and surround me with songs of deliverance.

Pslam 32:7


– You are my hiding place Most high God and there is none like you.

-You are my Lord the savior above all, you are my life.

-You are enthroned with Glory and Power Most high and what can be compared with you God.

-You are the Song of my life and How wonderous is your name.

-You are the terror for my Terror and a perfect place to hide inside.

-You are my deliverance on time, a faithful God to make my life free from the hades of death

-You have made my enemies to work at my footstool and assured me with sound surrounding.

-You are my praise the true song for Joy in my heart, I will greatly rejoice in You.

-You have been the my shepherd and now I will praise your Holy name forever and ever.

-You are my strength, my staff and my refuge in the times of trouble.

-You are morning beauty and evening praise, you are my day cloud of glory and fire in the night, a perfect safety for life.

-You have known me in the light and dark, You have secured me in front of my enemies, I will praise you!

– You are the God I will thank and there is none besides you.

-You are the Most high, Glorious and All Powerful God.




–Judie Manuel Good News Writer Connect – Call 9137220032

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