Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The greatest of all man is born today, His name is Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

I Judie Manuel, a Good News writer is awesomely blessed to share the Love of God coming down on you now Long back when Heaven and earth was created, God had three of his Angel\’s to be around him. Out of which one Angel had fallen because of his pride. And due to this reason God made a place Hell for him.

Why Celebrate Merry Christmas???

Well, the LOVE OF GOD(JESUS) was the only reason for man kind to be saved. He sacrificed his own life on the cross according to the plan of God to save you from the hell fire and long suffering.

What is hell fire???

Hell is a place made specially for the fallen Angel who’s name is Lucifer. This place is a terrible place for people who sin and filled with pride. Hell is a real danger and cannot be compared with the beauty of Heaven.

Who are three Angels of the Lord???

The name of the Angels are-

Michael- Warrior
Gabriel- Messenger
Lucifer- Fallen Angel, who is casted in the hell

Who was Lucifer?

With beauty he was Heaven’s Lead Worshiper.

Why he is in hell???

Lucifer wanted to be like God, and know that NO ONE can be like God.

What Lucifer Does???

Lucifer ruling in the Hell, tries hard to rob and kill human kind who worship God the Heavenly Father. He tries his best to steal people from God.

Why you are tell me the information???

Well, know for all mankind Heaven is a home for safety, Security and eternity. If you lose on knowing the Love of God you fail to be in the place of 100% Security and safety.

What I Should do to Find the Love of God???

True Love of God is found in Jesus, he is born to save people from Sin like killing, pain, anger, sexual adulatory, Curse and lot more which you find in your daily life and flinch your physical body.

Jesus gave himself as sacrifice for all mankind, so today we don’t need to pay the animal or mankind sacrifice.
This is the Real Time Good News of the Lord for ‘Life’!

Merry Christmas and A Prosperous New Year!


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