daily confession

Daily Confession 12

Hello Everyone I am Judie Manuel, Gospel Writer and Speaker. Well it is from last 2 years I have been actively working on my messages for Good News of Jesus Christ.

I feel proud today to share and be a well watered garden for God’s Glory and Honour.

Today I share Daily Confession, as there are many situations which directly or indirectly affects your mind and soul leading to detouring lifestyle. I would love to tell you, never listen to such negative people or gossips.

But Read the Word Aloud and more you will find life in all situations. You will no longer be in the pain or negativity of Life.

100% assurety on the word of God!

Daily Confession 12

*Father in the name of Jesus I come to you. I thank you Father!

*Great is your Mercy Father for me in Jesus name Amen! Thank you Father!

*Father you have taken control over my heart and my mind! Thank you Father!

*Jesus You are my Lord, I praise you! For great is your testimony for my soul!

*Your greatness have reached the sky! I thank you!!!

*You have given me VICTORY as I the days of Elijah! Thank you Father!

*I will dance as David Danced, your mercy is forever! HALLELUJAH!!!

*I will sing for you are my praise! Thank you Jesus!

*Thank you Lord for the greatness of Heaven and Earth! You made them all. And Now I praise with all my heart! You are my King!

*Thank you for hearing my praise and blessing me and my family!

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