Evil Patterns In Your Life

2 Samuel 21:1

In this verse you see David was a man of God and he was a good man. In his days there were Famine year after year…
Now here David didn’t take it as its a climatic condition cos this famine was occuring year after year, he said its something different and what he did? He enquired of the Lord about this evil pattern.

What is an evil pattern?

The events or things that happen in the lives of people which they are not able to explain and it happens at same time of the same month or months is called an evil pattern.
Eg. Some people keeps on saying that at some spot accidents occur at some specific time or day(s).

This is an evil pattern.
*Like David fell in a sin of keeping someone else’s wife ( Bethsheba) also he killed her husband by sending Uriah (Bethsheba’s husband) in front lines of battle. He had many wives later too.
Same pattern with Solomon he also had many wives like his father …. This was the evil pattern in their lives.

  • Abraham , Issac and Jacob had problem in bearing children in their life and Like Abraham lied about his wife that Sarah is his sister. Also Issac had to lie about his wife Rebekah that she is his sister…. This was also an evil pattern in their lives.

  • John 4:18

  • Here we see that Samaritan women had 5 husband and now when Jesus met He told her you have had 5 husdands and now u r with other man who is not your husband. This woman had problems in her marriage one after the other. This was an evil pattern in her life too.
  • Miscarriage
    *Broken marriages
    Can be considered as an evil pattern in our lives.
    *Step to break an evil pattern*
  1. Recognize the pattern in your life. You can’t deal with something that you don’t know. ( Jeremiah 33:3) God will show in prophetic dimension.
  2. You can’t discern an evil pattern you need the help of God.
  3. Set free from this evil pattern by connecting to God … Spend time in fast n pray.
  4. Genuine repentance about the sin.
    Joshua made covenant with Gibeonites .
    But Saul blood thirst killed all Gibeonites and broke the covenant.
    When the covenant is broken evil pattern starts.
    God wants us to keep our promises , nations to keep their promises other wise the broken covenant will bring evil patterns in our lives.
    Devil hides himself ( thats why he is called a thief a liar) but God reveals himself.
    When Jesus visited Zacchaeus… he said Lord what I have taken I will pay back. He repented …genuine repentance is needed to set you free from an evil pattern.
    Homework pray this for 7 days
    Give me a hatred for sin and love for you God.
    To break this evil pattern we need to be connected with God (Jesus) cos he is blessed forever.
    Jesus told to Nicodemus- I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born again – born of spirit and water. Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. John 3: 1-21.
    Let all evil patterns be shatters from our lives, ministry, finance, marriage,relations, job and education. In the mighty name of Jesus we pray.Amen

Your Brother in Christ,

Praveen Saldanha

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