PM Modi’s Adress to Covid 19 and Precautions to be Taken By the Country

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1 Peter 2:24 ” …who Himself bore our sins in His own body in the tree that we having died to sin, might live for righteousness- by whose stripes you were healed.


Please find the PM Modi Main Pointers from his speech today good to know information take care guysπŸ™πŸ™

  1. More countries hit by Corona than by World War 1 & 2
  2. Complacency in the face of this global pandemic is not correct
  3. It is the duty of every Indian to be alert and cautious
  4. Asking 130 crore Indians – that I need a few coming weeks from you
  5. Science has not been able to find a proper cure or vaccine
  6. Indian Govt is keeping a close vigil on the track record of what other countries are doing
  7. For a developing country like India the challenge of corona is not a normal situation
  8. It will be wrong to assume that corona virus will not have an impact on India
  9. First – resolve. Two – restraint
  10. Indians have to show resolve and follow your duties as a citizen
  11. Follow what the state and central govt are directing
  12. Only one Mantra works – world is healthy when we are healthy
  13. When there is no cure for the disease, we need to stay healthy
  14. We have to show restraint – avoid crowds, avoid going out of the house
  15. Social distancing is very important
  16. Don’t think that you will be out and roam around and you will be safe. You are doing a disservice
  17. For the coming few weeks, leave the house only if absolutely necessary
  18. Those in govt, media, hospitals etc – it is imp for them to be active. The rest should isolate themselves
  19. I am asking the support of every country person to adopt Janata Curfew
  20. On 22nd March from 7 am – 9 pm, people have to adopt Janta Curfew
  21. Janata Curfew for all except those involved in essential services
  22. Janata Curfew will be a symbol of our self restraint
  23. This experience will prepare us for future challenges
  24. Urging all associations to take the message of Janata Curfew to every Indian
  25. Janata Curfew will be like a huge test for India. It will test whether we are ready to fight this virus
  26. On 22nd March I want us to thank all those who have been selflessly working for us
  27. At 5 pm on March 22nd we have to stand in our balconies and at our windows and clap or use plates to thank those who have worked selflessly
  28. Do this for 5 minutes to hail all health workers
  29. Avoid going to the hospital for routine check up
  30. Check with your family doctor over the phone rather than crowding hospital
  31. Avoid any elective surgery that you had planned earlier
  32. Pandemic has severely affected our economy
  33. We have created a Covid 19 Economic Task Force
  34. Task force is in contact with all stakeholders and taking their feedback and analysing the situation
  35. Please look after those who service you.
  36. Don’t cut the wages of those who cannot come to work in the coming weeks
  37. Assuring that all steps are being taken to avoid scarcity of all essential commodities
  38. Strongly urge people not to get into panic buying
  39. We have to focus all our energies on saving ourselves from this corona virus

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Keep yourself in Prayers seeing this type of news!

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