Daily Food

God of Faith and and Of Power: I Am!

Father we praise your Holy mame, you are Lord, God of our yesterday, today and forever. I come to you in Jesus name.

As we know you are still taking control over lives, I pray you will hold me in your hands and not allow me to be dashed against any small to big stone.

Father we have been worried for our lives because of sudden fear of Covid -19, but according to your promise we trust in you, we ask you to date the forces of the dark world to bound in your name and be casted into the Hell forever in Jesus mighty name.

Father I bless you! Thank you Peace of eternity inside me. Thank you guiding me and helping me. Thank you for being my Saviour.

2 Timothy 1:7 You have not given me the Spirit of fear, but of Power, love and Sound mind. Thank you Jehovah.

In Jesus most matchless name I have prayed.


– Judie Manuel, Gospel Writer, Speaker, Warrior and Worshiper

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