I am blessed to share my good news letter to all, Jesus loves you more than anyone in this world. You are blessed today if you are alive. Let peace multiply in your family in Jesus name Amen! Amen! Amen!

My prayers for you as you read this #READLIFE Publication

“Father I come to you in the name of Jesus, Father I know I am a sinner but by your son Jesus you gave me redemption and you called me and set me apart from the sinful things of the world and now father I serve you.

Father Mighty Warrior, I know you deserve the glory and honor, you are Almighty and no one can come against you and your chosen generation, the sheep of your pastures. Heavenly father bless your name. Jesus I love you because you are my life. Take all the glory and honor from my life, you deserve it.”

Heavenly father, Jesus my Lord and Holy Spirit my comforter I have been praying all day long that you may bless your creation as you have made them. I pray right now who ever are in difficult situation, release your power and love and deliver them My Lord.

In Jesus name I pray every deaf hears will be open, every closed eye will be opened and every paralyzed situation in the body will be made normal in the name of Jesus. My savior you are my Lord, besides you there is no one. Thank you for hearing my prayer.

Heavenly father I pray this #READLIFE good news letter will be more powerful voice of yours to bless your people and to deliver your people from every harm, they are yours and you have made them. I praise you you for it. When they read this good news letter , they will understand and salvation will be their portion in the name of Jesus Christ.

In Jesus name I have prayed Amen! Amen! and Amen!

—Sis. Judie Manuel, Gospel Writer, Speaker and Worshiper

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