No Virus at your doorstep! Just Pray! The Precious Blood of Jesus has all the power and might to save, heal and deliver

I am happy to write all about, “How prayer can be very helpful supernaturally”. As you reader and believers of God Almighty, the God who spoke to Moses with fire, the God Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And the same of God of Paul, Stephen and John in the Bible is Alive forever, his name is Jesus, his precious blood cleanses us from all our sin.

Now prayers are done on various levels and also in times that differ from situation to situation.

Like if a person is going under a lot of any problems or difficulties and is not able to forgive his or her own self or others, he or she should always know better about how to pray the confession prayer.

Here is the link-

Now for the next level, where you want to be in the presence of God, to receive the fullness of Joy, you should know the prayer at praise level. It can also be called as Praise Prayer!

Here is the link-

Now more if you are getting the anointing and you feel, I should thank God more than what He is doing for me than here is the perfect level of Thanksgiving prayer. After you have prated this level of prayer, you can start thinking in a Godly manner for your life, God will give you the fullness of Joy and Peace. And you will also be ready to receive the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Lastly, you have much filled with perfect peace of Almighty and no longer a slave to earthly mindset, you are fully prepared for the fourth level of Prayer, and that is receiving Holy Spirit Prayer.

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