Welcome to the New Month of Hope ARISE! JULY 2021 – PROMISE! I thank God for giving me the verse to bless my life as well as your life with faith, power, and promise of His Word.

“I personally prayer God will visit you and give you a new thing to be established. You will give birth to the things you desire and wanted for a time.”

“I pray as God restored the life of Job so your life will be restored 7 times more in Jesus name Amen!”

“I pray God will also make a way where there seems to be no way.”

“I pray you will not be alone anymore and you will have destiny holders around you in Jesus mighty Name!”

” I pray God will keep you away from evil and you will always be in the light of Heaven in Jesus Holy Name Amen.

“I pray as you connect on social media or my being in church or outside in business working places you will have divine intervention in Jesus name Amen.”

“Angels of the Lord will always surround you and guide you in Jesus’ Name.

“All the days’ that the locusts have eaten will be given back and restored in Almighty’s name! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen!

(Keep this promise of God close to your HEART. “Be a part of Daily/ Weekly Messages –

WC PRAISE PRAYER(YouTube Channel) –

–Judie Manuel

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