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Calculate the Multiplication in your life in the Presence of God

God does not keep his word silent, never unless and until He does come to pass. Some who really realise about what exactly the word of God is saying can easily pass through difficulties in bearing fruits, multiplied life, meaning getting extended to another level of expansion.

Repentance and Rejoicing in his presence allows God to make a way for his word to come in pass, it can be the times where your struggling to grow in financial situations or having extended family circle. Simply it can also be the difficulties in increasing financial lifestyle. But nevertheless steping into the throne of Grace will awesomely help you get the best multiplication in many areas of life. Think while you read, let God talk to you.

Today many will be your queries to the Almighty God, the most High!But I encourage you to continuously read the Bible, make a way for the Lord in your life. He needs your response, he wants to honor you for He is faithful God. Without a plan in your life, you wouldn’t have been born in this world. You are here for a purpose, let no men understand, only let God prevail it to you. Let God be Glorified through the work he has started in you, let winning be your practice, let Rejoicing be your medical report and let Life be your MIRACLE.

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-Judie Manuel, Good News Writer


Walls of Salvation and Gates of Praise

The beautiful land in which we live in is more precious! Nations come and get satisfied with many resources, peace, happiness, joy, wealth, health and many more which makes us happy about. Yes!the Lord governs and leads this land to be United as one for Love, Joy and Peace…

We will sing unto the Lord for he has strengthen our walls with salvation and gates with praise. Glory will dwell in our land forever. It will rule with the righteousness of God…with the truthfulness in the presence of God, it will empower every single person with wisdom and might.

No longer corruption or discrimination will be a part of our life. We are more than a conquerors. By sending His son, Jesus has manifested Glory Forever on all generation. We will shout out to Praise. Kings and Queens of this generation.

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-Judie Manuel, Good News Writer

How will you hear his voice?

When you hear the voice of God, it is one of the best suits for life. It covers many blessings, honour and glory passing from generation to generation. His voice is powerful, more majestic and even more greater than what you could think. Hearing his voice can be more reliable, can be more even and more prophetic for your life.

How could you hear HIS Voice??? It’s is by reading the word of God, by hearing some amazing wonderful works of God through annointed men and women of God. Also to hear His Voice you need to focus your attention.

You need to call upon him every time. For the eyes of God is on each person. He loves you forever and ever in Jesus name Amen.
Get your attention in his presence, you will climb the mountains forever. You will see the difference in your life, Jehovah King the Lord of all!

-Judie Manuel, Good News Writer

Faithful is our King of Kings-Stay tuned!!!

The most Holy God, the most righteous God, the most prestigious and precious God, the God who never sleeps nor slumbers. Our heavenly Father -full of power and might, passionate -slow to anger and abounds in Love. He continues his LOVE from generation to generation.

He is my King my God my Savior!!!He answers by fire, he answers by love, he answers by compassion, he answers by riches, he answers by healing, he answers by beauty and He answers only when you call upon Him.
I am really blessed to share by up-coming blog, Faithfulness is our Almighty, King of kings!!!!

The word of God says, Deuteronomy 7:9 “Know therefore that the LORD your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commandments.”

-Judie Manuel, Good News Writer

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Opposition comes Before a Miracle and It’s Time for Your Salvation: Volume 1

There are times when you try your best and get rejected due to many things of the world, but when I read the scripture in the Bible it clearly denied the knowledge of the world. (Strive to achieve greater heights given you by heaven’s beauty).

Now phycology says it happens exactly what you think, and yes it happens because you are truly believing what you are thinking or confessing. This is what a human study says according to observations made before and after reality. Well, I came to some awesome conclusion from the Bible. It revived me wholly and more powerfully! What’s that?

Firstly I read a verse in the Bible which says, ‘Before I have formed you I knew you and I have set you apart.’ This verse is found in the book of Jeremiah 1:5. This is a great blessing for many generations. You will not find any book mentioning the relationship of a human being with God in such a depth. (Allowing God to overtake you to bless you). Maybe you are thinking about how this could be possible. The fact is God is the master of all everything and everything was made by his will and through his words.

If he is saying he knows you before you were born and he still knows you how can you deny that? Will any situation deny that God is in Control for your life? He is just waiting for you!

Just take an example of your Mom, will anything or any person can convince you that you are not of your own Mom. Will you leave your Mom, just because someone told you? By any cost, you will never ever believe someone coming against your relationship with your Mom and Dad.

Also, the beautiful lines covered by one of the servants of God, it says,

“If you believe, God will be the same….

If you don’t believe, God will be the same….

If you deny still God will be the same….”

These lines have amazingly moved millions of souls to confess and repent for receiving Christ and the salvation of God. It’s awesome how many Christians can be even closer to God because of the verse,

-I AM WHO I AM – Exodus 3:14

Now you may question the Title? Exactly the title of the message is, “Opposition comes before a Miracle”. Well didn’t you get it? Some of you might really not believe in God or even being a different religion you won’t find the peace of god in you, you may be denying the presence of God (the existence of Heaven). The good news is for every miracle there comes an opposition- right now your mind will oppose you to ignore the importance of God why?

Now the good question comes from some people is, “Why there is an opposition before a Miracle? Point to be noted-

  1. God exists who can deny?
  2. Miracle Happen in the name of Jesus Christ, who can deny?
  3. You are the Miracle, Who can deny?
  4. Heaven and Hell, Who can deny?
  5. There is a Spirit of God and a flesh made of dust? Who can deny?
  6. A man was made in the image of God, who can deny?

All these sentences are only ‘acceptance’ and there will be no deniable for it. Because it is a miracle (Salvation), if your mind denies something relating to the presence of God, the father of heaven, that means you are denying a miracle. The miracle can be anything for your social life or economic or physical which will only possible are you accept God’s presence (Miracle) and allow Jesus to come in your heart.

Many friends do wonder why I am so spiritual or say and talk about the Biblical verse more on social media and other sites? Well again today there are millions of human beings in many hospitals and other cases suffering many different types of traumas, I am living a good life and after experiencing much pain and hurt, sickness and suffering I am still beautiful, bold and smart because of God’s word and the touch of the Holy Spirit in the Church. So why will I not be happy to spread the living word and saving someone’s life? Why will I want to waste my time in some exciting trip or video game which will cost my time and do nothing for saving other people or even myself but by reading the word of God and spending time in worship I will be able to declare and bring in more people in His throne of GRACE (This Will continued…)


Now all Miracles after Accepting Heavenly Father:-

  • You learn the good blessings and the bad curse
  • You learn to live a life of peace
  • You are an overcomer for heaven home(eternity)
  • You are a blessed generation
  • You are called by name and you are His(God)
  • You are prospered
  • You are healed
  • You are Loved
  • You are kind
  • You are respected
  • You are son and daughters of the highest God

John 3:16.

 “For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.”

Now I pray that God will truly open your eyes to see the beauty of Heaven, you will no longer be called to be in the darkness of the world but to see the light of God. You will be able to clearly see the word of God.  You will be able to see many things ahead of you and for you. You will not be a pity to anyone but you will be blessed to everyone. I believe with all my heart that God will bring a Miracle and won’t let any opposing mind, thing or any person stop you to get hold of surprised and blessings in your life only after receiving your first miracle which I am giving you is the word of God, it is your Father in Heaven, it is Jesus Christ who sacrificed on the cross for your sin. (What is a sin? To be continued in other volumes)

As you read the message I believe you are touched by the Spirit of God, my only prayer for you with the word of God is to bring Salvation and deliverance in your home, family and personal in Jesus Name Amen.

God Bless Your Generation!

Judie Manuel, Good News Writer

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Buddy You Should Grow Wise to be a good Companion

Ever imagined being addicted to friendship? Actually, it’s true some people have their best buddy and can’t stay without them. They love to be around them every time. And this explains it’s so good to have a good or best friend in God. Explaining them fears and failures lightens your burden more powerfully then subduing them in self.

Today I want to tell you how Bible explains about friendship between God and Men. Have you ever experienced your friendship with God?

“For everyone God has given companionship, When one feels low the other picks him up!! I am glad to have you!!!” -Judie Manuel, Good News Writer 

1.The Excellent Walk Abraham with God – That’s a true fellowship

According to the Bible Abraham was God’s friend( 2 Chronicle 20:7, Isaiah 41:8 and James 2:23). In the story, you will find the relationship with respect and obedience. This does not really mean Abraham was sinless or without faults but He trusted God to lead where he was supposed to go. When God spoke to Abraham He immediately obeyed and followed the voice of God. Therefore it is clearly said in Romans 4 that Salvation is not earned by works but through faith in the promise of God our Saviour.



2. Jonathan and David – The true love followed until the end

Another greatest story that depicts the love and bond for friendship is between David and Jonathan(the Son of Saul the King of Israel). In this when Saul tries to kill David, his own son Jonathan reveals the killing plot to David and tells him to escape from his father. At last Jonathan is shot by the arrow when he tries to save David. This is like sacrificing yourself to save someone. Ths’s more than a friendship.


3. Ruth and Naomi- The mother and daughter in law became the best friends 

In the Bible Ruth’s late husband was Naomi’s son. While even after the death of her husband she did not leave her mother-in-law alone. Even Naomi knew Ruth will not leave her and she blessed her so much that she got the biggest and special blessing and was married to the rich man named Boaz. This is the historical moment for Ruth and Niomi.



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Winning in Spirit Defines the Attitude of Being Filled with His Power: Volume 1

The more I went deeper in the word, I found the Spirit of God is very important than anything in the world. And one more thing I learned God’s WORD has Power!!! Read on to be filled with wisdom, word and power of God.

-Judie Manuel, Good News Writer 


The Bible Says,

“For the word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires.” – Hebrews 4:12

I am excited!!!! I love to bring a message of hope, joy and above all LOVE and POWER to you!!!! 🙂

*** Just know that you are Victorious!!!! Trust God when you think your have faced something terrible and you are not able to get your life back, when you are not able to explain things to someone just know Jesus is holding you tightly in your arms. Factually if you ask people how often they are happy you will see many people raising their hands but when you ask how many people are sad none will agree to it why? Because everyone faces Sadness, it is also a part of life which teaches you to overcomes things but when the sadness can badly effect your life by causing many uncertain situations the you have to mind yourself with the Word of GOD!!!! And slowly these sadness turns into Joy!!!


I feel so tight in my spirit to share this with people who are experiencing a powerlessness in spirit. The spirit of God in you is the highest glory for you. Sometimes or most of the time you do not experience the power of God due to sudden break down. When the power holds you tight it also leaves you free, either to allow you to use it or to be a silent whisper.

Now the spirit of God when it comes upon you, you become the sole vessel for His glory, you understand that the work of God is more powerful than any creature on the earth or in Heaven. Well this time I have mentioned it more ‘deeper’ so that you will start using the POWER of God for your family and friends.

Today we work in organizations, schools and lot more places and simultaneously we serve our God. How hard it has become to be a coin having two sides? Well the coin has two sides but it has ONE VALUE!!! Similarly this is a good news for you that being in physical body, God has also given you one SPIRIT. The Spirit is His word, His Fire, His Glory!!!

Let No man say you are powerless! You are more than conqueror, you have the Spirit of God in You. You are loved by Father. Imagine Jesus had the spirit of God and now you also have the spirit of God. You may have to face the wind and the storm but remember when the spirit of the Lord is on you, you can just fight it back. You can just raise your voice and proclaim a lot of victories in your Spirit.


How to receive the Spirit of the Lord?

The spirit of God comes down on the people who believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and He died for our sin to save people from death. God opens up the heaven for you when you start confessing your that you totally trust the God of Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ.

After this confession you will start experiencing that Jesus is with you, you will start praying for your life to Jesus. You will keep moving with with in the direction He leads you. This will change your life. You will get peace and happiness. You will be filled with fire of God and you will start confession of Hid Word from the Bible. Read Online. 

Stop limiting yourself in presence of God!!!

To be continued… stay tuned…. I am excited for your blessing!!!!


Heavenly Father your presence is much more deeper than my thoughts  I believe you with all my heart, I Believe you are the Lord who saved my life as mentioned by you in the Bible. I believe because Jesus died for me and was raised  up again by the power of God to show the Power of Resurrection. I take this in my heart. I take miracles in my heart. Thank you Jesus!!! 

Thank you for your life Jesus,

In Jesus Name I prayer



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