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Yes! Disappoint The Enemies Plan: Jesus

This beautiful morning of another beautiful day, I pray every tongue contending with the gate that pass to your promised land be utterly silenced. May the fire and power of the living God burn to ashes every principality that has sworn that you would not be decorated with glory with honor and success. I pray God Almighty will disappoint any power determined to end your life in shame in Jesus name. Good morning have a blessed Tuesday.

*April, you will arise & shine for the glory of God. (Isaiah 60:1-2)*

Psalm 62:6 He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; I shall not be moved.

_*Be blessed & be a blessing*_ ❤️

Your Brother in Christ

Praveen Saldanha


Israel, Holy Land Tour! Book Today

A Heartfelt warm welcome to all Churches from India, China, Nepal, Bangladesh and all States Worldwide, today announcing the tour to the Holy Land, Jerusalem Pilgrims Fellowship invites you for Bible Study Tourism for much joyful and blessed experience.  To book your seats click here. 

Touring Israel in 2018 is one of the best times where you are able to see, feel and touch the most sacred possessions stored in many Holy Places. These places are not only meant to luxury your trip but also take abundant of blessings from Almighty God to your own homeland country.

Your trip covers many destinations which include -City where Jesus Christ was Born, the childhood place where he stayed and the church where he served also the last meeting where Jesus was caught by the Roman Soldiers, and yes this is not the end. You will also see the place where He was buried and resurrected. While on tour you get two Communion Holy Service, one at Garden tomb of the Lord and the other one in the Sunday Worship Service. (Both are very important). In case you are new to this, you will be explained at the very moment. Read more in the Bible, it is the best guide for you while being at home or on tour.


The Trip is Exciting! 

People while touring in Israel get to see the beauty of modern Jerusalem city including the high graded hotels, promenades, restaurants and shopping malls. Visits to the museum like Israel museum, the largest cultural institution in Israel which ranks for being the world’s leading art and archaeology amusement. Near the streets, in Hotels, you get the tastiest cuisines on the menu list.(My mouth is watering, yummy!).

Places you will discover! Jerusalem Pilgrims Fellowship Plan Chart!

Note* All the chapter and numbers given in the brackets are from the Bible.

 The start of the tour will be a visit to Mt Nebo (Deut 34:1-5) the place on river Jordan where Moses spent the last day of his life viewing the Holy Land continued with place where John the Baptist (Mathew 14-9,10) was imprisoned before being beheaded by King Herod and also Madaba (Acts8:1-3) the place of ancient Churches.

Later you get to see Israel-Jordan border and Cross Sheikh Hussein Bridge a gateway to step into Holy Land Israel. The following visit will be to the Church of Transfiguration on Mount Tabor, Church of Annunciation (Luke 1:28) and Joseph’s Work Shop(Mark 6:3), Cana(John 2:1-11) the place the Jesus has turned water into wine.

After a night stay or so, you will explore Mount of Beatitudes (Mathew 5,6 &7 Chapters)where Jesus Christ delivered the sermon on the mountain. This will be followed by a visit to Tabgha (Mathew 14:17) where it is believed that the miracle of the fish and the loaves took place.

Most likely while you are excited about more visits, you will enter Capernaum (Luke 7:1) one of the main cities in the area during the time of the ministry of Christ Jesus, the Church of Primacy(John21:15-19) where the Lord spoke about Peter announcing his ministry.

To the fullest, you will be able to experience how Jesus sailed in the boat on the sea on Galilee(Luke 5:1,2), this will be followed by Baptism at Yardenit baptismal site (Mathew 3:13).  This anointed baptism will be given by Rev.T.A.Prabhu Kiran for all new souls in Christ and who are willing to get water baptized. Singing and praising God all the way after a powerful baptism, you will pass through Mt.Carmel and Ceasaria.

You will later be visiting Mount of Ascension ( Luke 24:50 -53), Pater Noster the place of Lord’s prayer( Mathews 6:9-13) and the Panorama on Mount of Olives and go to Garden of Gethsemane ( Luke 22:39-46) the place where Jesus prayed in his last hours. You can have your own prayer time for some moments while being in the Upper room, David’s Tomb and Caiaphas’s House (Mathew 26: 57). We will also be visiting the Church of Nativity (Luke 2:7), and Shepherd’s Field (Luke 2:8) where the shepherds heard the good news followed by snacks and some fun shopping time.

Following the day we will be visiting the Garden Tomb (John 40-42) where we will have the Communion,visit the Pool of Bethesda ( John 5:2-9), walk on Via Dolorosa (Luke 23:26) the way of cross,Visit the Holy Sepulcher (Luke 23:53) and also the Wailing Western wall( 1King8:29-36) the only remains of the Temple. ,

You will primely visit Jericho ( Luke 19:1-10), Dead Sea (Joshua 3:16), Qumran Caves and Lazarus Tomb( John 11:43) in Bethany and return to Bethlehem for dinner and overnight stay at Bethlehem Hotel. Visit Bersheba wilderness and cross into Egypt from Israel Border to reach Dahaab for night Stay will be followed which later on the way you will see a pillar of Lot’s wife, and also wet your feet in the waters of Red Sea.


The very end of the trip, you will be visiting Mt Sinai  (Ex 19:11), where the Ten Commandments where given. You will visit St. Catherine Monastery, Burning bush (Ex 3:2) and the well of Moses(Ex 2:15).

Then there will be a long drive to reach Cairo on the way visiting old testament places such as Marah (Ex 15:22-26) and Elim (Ex 22:27) and crossing the Suez Canal through the tunnel. Wonderfully you will get in though Nile Cruise on River Nile in the night where you will also have dinner.

The next morning after breakfast you will be visiting a Great Pyramids, the Sphinx and also  Abu Serga Church (Mathew 2:13), papyrus shop and the most fragrant perfume factory and few nearby places.

You will enjoy the overall beauty of blessings, prayer and with much of fellowship. Plan it before it’s late! You are welcome! WE ARE EXCITED TO SEE YOU!!!





Pratham Sthaan Dunga, Bas Tuje, Favourite Song In 2018: Kenneth Silway

Yeshu Naam ko Ucha Karunga”

Yeshu Naam ko Ucha Karunga, I will lift your name higher, such wonderful worship song, I just received the copy of this album a few days back and I was really blessed to hear this version of my own prayer. Few lines I did confess every time during my prayers, worship or being elsewhere and now I can just sing the song all the day while travelling or taking breaks during the office hours or being at home.

Now this song has a prayer, and I thank God for Kenneth Paul Silway, from Pune holds the voice of heaven, a blessing to many generations. And more excitedly this album has more word of praise and worship songs were a true confession of God’s Glory is declared and praised to Glorify the name of the Lord. Amen!!!

“Now there is a listing of Hindi Songs on the Album, ” Beihtehaan Pyaar”!!!”

Mahima(Glory), Dard(Hurt), Yeshu Tu Hai Sabse Pyaara,(Jesus Your loving more than all) Beihtehaan Pyaar(Undefined Love), Tulsa Koi Nahi((Apart You No one ), Tera Pyaar Hai Apaar(Your Love is Beyond), Main Azad Hu(I am Free).”

All the blessing are showered with a wonderful voice!

I loved Pratham Sthaan Dunga, as it has come with beautiful voice, awesome tune and rhythm and importantly with Glorious prayer from the Bible. I am linking the channel below!!!! I’m excited for you to listen! -Judie Manuel

Keneth Paul Silway1

Three Shepherds Found Me and Gifted Me Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh: Jesus Christ

Dear All, 

Image result for shepherd gifted jesus gold and

My name is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I am all excited to write this letter on my birthday to you. I was born on 25th December 2017 years ago, my birth was not easy like once in Royal Palace or in a Nursing Private Hospital. I was born in manager between donkeys, cow, and other cattle. Yet I am the King who was born in a very humble state of all human being, I never got expensive care as from people but I had love of Heaven stored inside me. I had the glory of heaven around me. My Father God of Heaven and Earth was taking care of me from Heaven.

Well, this is written in the Bible, everything about my birth and my life has been clearly given in detail. I ruled before dying on the cross and I still rule as I am resurrected again. Now I live in Heaven and reign the entire Universe.  Heaven is my throne and earth is my footstool. Some of you may have known me through friends and family and some may have yourself found me.

I know you are made of the dust which may wither in no time, but the breath which is inside you is the breath of my Father. So I have authority now to hold your life and death. I love you as my bother, sister, mother, father and a lover. Don’t feel the pain of hardship or trouble because I know you have my strength, also I know you will overcome it.

Today Angels are Celebrating my birthday, they have lots of Praise and Worships filled with Glory for me. I alone love this time because my birthday is special to my Father and for all people on the earth, do know because I was born you are saved.

If you open the Bible, you will get this verse saying,

Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.

-John 14:6 ( NLT)

Image result for love jesus

You know I am the one who saved the world, apart from me there will be no one who can save your life when you are sad, troubled or sick. You need to call me anytime from anywhere, you should know that I am the Alpha(beginning) and I am the Omega(End).  I am the way for eternal life. If you know me you will also know my Father God of Heaven.

Lastly, I am giving you a Big Hug and a BIG LOVE that will change your Life.  I appreciate and accept all the offering of thanks to gave me by helping the poor, praying for my people who are in many difficult times. I love you because first My Father God, Loved me and He sent me to save you.

You are saved today!!!!

If you want to call me, you can talk anytime, I am hearing you. I said in Mathew 7:7

“Ask It shall be given to you, search and you will find it, knock and the door shall be open for you.” 

Today I have so many friends who call me directly and say wonderful things happening in their life. If they are in any bad circumstances, they ask me and I do listen carefully, I never sleep or get tired. I am always attentive to your cry.

I am so Much Happy to tell you this, I will be coming soon to take you all. Now I am just preparing a place for you in Heaven. Once you come here your hardship is all over and I am waiting for this very moment.

Your Faithfully,

Jesus Christ,


Jesus In manger






 Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram for the Lost and Needy: My Vision

Dear Beloved in Christ,

Greetings from Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram!

I would like to share my challenging story in helping and rescuing helpless children and destitute people, men and women. From my childhood, I used to help needy people as per my capacity. After I came to Mumbai, I saw several pathetic situations of helpless people which continuously hunted me. I was always thinking of how I can help such people. At that point, I had a vision and strong feeling for the lost and needy people in 2010.  Ever since I had a great compulsion inside me to do something meaningful for the needy and destitute people.

Therefore, I started to think the ways to implement the vision into a reality. To the fulfillment of the vision, I decided to step down to help people in need without thinking the future and my family. After I started the work, I really realized the challenges and difficulties. However, I had great satisfaction by seeing the smile on their face after they got the love, food, care, treatment.

Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram

I got such needy and helpless people from the streets, roadsides, railway platforms, bus stands, under flyovers of Mumbai year after year. When we got them, most of them were infects by different deathly diseases like AIDS, TB, Cancer and other illness and mental problems. And also, Mumbai Police, Navi Mumbai Police, Local Police, Railway Police and different NGOs brought destitute people into Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram.


I am also helping children in need. Most of the children who are under my care are taken out of the ‘Red Light’ areas of Grant Road, Kamathipura, and Sonapur, where their mothers are commercial sex workers. Right Now I am taking care of 24 children.

Presently, Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram is blessed to care and help 65 people including children and destitute people.

I accommodate all of them in three rented houses, due to which we are facing a lot of challenges such as space limitation, etc. We cannot accommodate more needy people in our Ashram. Every day, I get numerous calls from the people who are lay down in the streets and other places from different parts of Mumbai.

But due to the financial problem, we are not able to take one more rented house. We need huge fund to cover our daily expenses including the educational expenses of children (all our children are studying in English Medium School), food, medicine and house rents.  However, there are expenses beyond these that adds up; they include health care of the children, school supplies, clothes, salaries of staff & cook, expenses of accounting, vehicle maintenance and fuel, facility maintenance, electricity & water bills, etc.



These all expenses are covered by the help of individual people who have a passion for the needy people. Notably, we do not have any government support and any regular supporting source.We are also privileged to help 22 people, who lost in Mumbai, to reunite with their family. As we get the information from the people, we try to find out their family through the help of Police. Then, we reunite them with their dear ones all over India.

Since I started this great work, I was able to help 11 people to get a peaceful and satisfied last right in the Ashram. Otherwise, they were supposed to die as stray dogs in the streets of Mumbai. Death is a reality which no one can stop anybody. Even though, it has been a very true need and right of every human being to get a decent and good death. But, the saddest fact is that unloved and uncared deaths are a common truth in Mumbai. Most of the lost and destitute people who have been admitted in the Ashram are leading a life with terminal stages of fatal diseases. However, Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram is endeavored to give such unloved and unwanted people a good and decent death and funeral/burial.

To continue this ministry, I need a place. As I mentioned above, I am doing these all in rented houses. The major challenges are like vacate rented house which is a big challenge as shifting people who are extremely in need and unsupported attitude of neighbors. I can do this ministry without such challenges only if I have a place for the Ashram and I can give care for uncared, give better education to the children and give comfortable stay under the secured roof to people who have nobody.


However, I am trying to get some land for lease from the government for last two years. Still, the paper works are going on. I am hopefully trying to get that land soon. If I get, I can do more things for the betterment of such helpless people.

Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram is passionate to give a better life for more people by the years coming. As statistics are true, there are 1.77 million destitute people living on roadsides. I am sure, if you are with us, we will be able to make a tremendous impact in the coming years.

I believe that there are limitations for me to do all these things alone but together we can make a great impact in the lives of many especially who deserve it. I wish to get hands-on Good Samaritan from you to fulfill this great vision.

I look forward to you with great expectation, this is great a burden which God has put in my heart to bless the needy with the primary needs if God willing you can also be a part of this mission. Thank you. Do keep me and my whole team in Prayers. God bless you abundantly.

With Regards and Love!


Pastor Sinu Mathew

Director, Immanuel Mercy Home Ashram

Tel No. 022 65655565, +919594453267.



Hey there, is it a good time to talk?? Alright !!! If you feel this could be a long reading then trust me it will take only 3 minutes to covers what’s important to learn for your life. This lovely message is written by Br.Sunny.

* Read and Learn the way towards success with the living Word*

According to the dictionary, the word failure means unsuccessful. But as for me, Word Failure is like leading towards success.I can

I can say this with full confidence that 99 percent people of this world must have experienced failure. And also many of them overcome failure very easily & some are still trying & struggling from on how to Overcome failure. But there are also some who don’t even try to Overcome something negative.

Some 40% people hardly try the way out, so about them, I would say you need to wake up and see what’s happening around you. And pray for yourself like you owe yourself a life.

There were many times I experienced and went through this situation of failure, but it’s a Grace of God which guides me to overcome the failure.

Sometimes God allows us to go through that situation of failures, not to put us down but to mold us for better tomorrow. He makes us learn something from that situation & strengthen us in our weakness. God’s plan for us is to give us successful life instead of being the failure forever.

Also, remember God always gives us a choice about what we want. But many times we choose wrong things or wrong ways & we stick to that which leads to being a failure or the loss of life.

And then we are more bothered about what people will think about us. This only leads to depression and stressful life. My dear friends let me tell you something on how I Overcome from failure. It’s not that simple & not too hard also. But I learned many things in my failure, which is leading me towards success & also guiding me in a right direction.

  • Find some silent place & relax for two or five minutes & no calls or disturbance.
  • Keep one paper and pen along with you.
  • Pray with all your heart

( Seek for God’s help , God I need your help and am lost I cannot do anything without your help. God I need your help.)

Tell all your problems to God & then allow God to work for you.

  • Then wait for few minutes & then start writing everything that comes to your mind off how to overcome from failure.
  • Always get up in the morning with fresh and positive attitude.
  • Be thankful to God every morning and in every situation with whatever we have.
  • Always try to stay in peace with whatever work you do and with whoever you be with.
  • If possible speak less & listen more.
  • Read some testimonial books of people who have shared their failures turning into success, this motivates you with the living word of God
  • Work harder & work with full confidence, focus, and dedication.
  • Never underestimate yourself coz you failed or coz find success.
  • You are more precious in the eyes of God.
  • You are more useful vessel & God has given everyone a talent.

So my dear friends hope you read all the points, but all I want to say is that stay positive work hard & be thankful for whatever you have at present. And never underestimate yourself about failure or worry about it. And if you follow the steps carefully then definitely you will overcome from failure & will be the most successful person.

God is with you always and will never leave you nor forsake you. –The Bible says in Hebrews 13: 5 God, is always there to strengthen you and to help you overcome from failure and to give you success. You are his chosen generation, REJOICE !!!!

*Read The Holy Bible