Tribute To Dr. Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke for His Endless Chase to Save Millions of Souls Till 7 Dec 2019

The Biography of Dr. Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

Today it’s time to tribute Dr. Evanglaist Reinhard Bonnke the most anointed, successful and powerful man born on earth to save millions of people. God definitely had seen his thirst to work in faith, in remembrance to his early times when he asked God to use him, He said, Lord, I want to see the works of faith and the unseen blessings in my life. This pray was made in the years when He was studying in the Biblical college, The College of Wales in Swansea. He was first inspired by the Director Samuel Rees Howells.

While these times where the begining of his ministry traveling from one place to other locations of the world, once on his way met Pastor George Jeffreys who with his knowledge and understanding encouraged this german boy to serve God with all his might and power. Slowly then Bonnke started outpouring the word of God for 7 years in a local church as Pastor.


Dr. Evanglaist Reinhard Bonnke’s Book

Awesomely his massive outreach in countries like Africa and many areas of Europe started later while He saw a vision to save millions of souls. The very first vision from the Lord was to save the Africans, and the Lord used him for more than millions of souls who were thirsty to receive the life of peace and harmony through Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

While God moved powerfully among the unsaved, it was amazing to see thousands of people accepting the call of repentance and receiving Jesus Christ in their hearts. It’s also amazing how people mostly responded to restore their poorly being filled with the richness of heaven. People are God’s and the more they understood about this, they came and worshipped Saviour God of Heaven.

Dr. Bonnke worked miraculously to receive the God-given anointing more and more in various other countries later before which He solely ministered in Africa to help the poor and destitute with the Word and reaching out poor a showing them the kingdom of Heaven.

Now as a Gospel Writer I found this book called ‘LIVING A LIFE OF FIRE‘ very useful for all people who know the fire of heaven and the internal life in the Lord Jesus. In simple words, the book will help you revive your life in the presence of God. Dr. Reinhard Bonnke 2019 has wonderfully explained step by step how to live a life filled with fire. He has also explained a lot more about his journey while living in the fire of God and serving to save millions of souls in South Africa.

Moving on to Dr. Bonnke’s Life, almost there are three important things He explains to find true love, peace, and joy of the Lord.

The most powerful message always spoken by Dr. Evangelist Bonnke is nothing but the seriousness of God’s touch in your life. He also explains the law of SALVATION(The Law By God’s Power and Glory of Heaven) cannot be compared by the laws of nature(The Law by Action).

Watch the Full Message of THE LAW OF SALVATION

And most victoriously his shared messages in crusades are not for man-made words but the words of power and fire. Here I found a clip where Dr. Reinhard Bonnke has clearly explain why the message is not a competition but the perfection of the spirit of God which heals people and delivers his chosen generation.

His zeal to share the good news is purely to make the hell empty and fill the heaven made by God. You can watch this powered message and I am blessed to share this message.

God bless you as you read and listen and more importantly share among others!

You are loved and powered in the Blood of Jesus!