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Continued About Depression Cannot Kill You: Volume 2

“Hey everyone I feel soo good to write after a long time! This time I have some better news for youngsters who feel depressed. Are you addicted to loneliness? At some point, you cry alone, well not this time!!! If you will find the Bible you will leap out with JOY!!! Check this one!!!”

– Judie Manuel, Good News Writer

Winner Women

Depression 2nd Volume I am writing to make youngsters aware that there is more life beyond the digital world. There are more achievements to achieve than just playing games on your phone, there are more things to learn than just searching how to on Google. Life has given its grace in abundance for every human being. Like in whichever situation you are going through is far small than what is ahead of you. Click here to read Depression  Volume 1.

You may think why this message is puzzling with the digital world and why depression is the topic to read on. Well, being very factual here is what you need to understand, times and days are changing with technologies and many things coming up to control human life. People are getting more loner than once being freely hanging out with the bunch of people on the streets and in many beautiful places.

“What is your call for people going under depression? How you will change their behavior? How will you win their hearts as a brother, sister or parents?”

More than 78% people feel more insecure because of many postings on social after comparing themselves with others. This becomes the realistic according to medical studies and according to the incidence taking place among many adults and teenagers. Looking at the side effects of this lifestyle youngsters are trying to destroy the precious life given to them by God. I have observed many people who are getting out of peace.

Last week the news was terrifying as 9th standard girl jumped off from the building floor. This was in Mumbai, India. The background of the girl was very interesting she was from the rich and good family. She was from the famous ISCE School. The news has shocked many of her relatives and friends. Today if she could have got the word from the Bible she would have been saved!!! There is a divine happiness after reading the Bible, you are filled with life that is full of Joy, Hope and Love.

My important message for you today is just one thing, “Depression cannot kill you”. It’s very important for you to know that you should read about life and get life from the Bible. You may not be a good reader or you may have kept other ideologies as your idol or a role for life which may be fine to some point of extent. What when you are completely drained off and no one has your back, what you do in this situation? Reading the Bible makes this clear that the God who made heaven and earth and has also spoken about his promises for you should come true.  His promises to be with you is exclusive one filled with wisdom, knowledge and more you get a friend named Jesus Christ.

Depressed Men

What difference is there in the Bible?

Bible is not an ordinary book, it seems like a fat storybook with many chapters and verses but it is the book filled with the words of God, it has power and life. Bible does not define how bad or good you are, it defines how God has chosen you to be in abundance of life. Bible is the only Holy Book which helps a person to win 10 rulers of the city. How? It gives you the wisdom to stand for your life.

Example: You read about the girl who jumped off the building floor, this was the fault made by her and no one helped her at that moment of time.  If she had the wisdom of God she would have backed off herself from dying. This is very important for you to know.


What happens when you read the Bible?

Bible has the word of God and when you read it you get wisdom that no man on earth can give you. It connects you to the eternal power of God. Be it your friend, your elders or even your leaders, all their talks will go in the air but words from the Bible will make you a person for yourself. You will know what is good for you and for your life. You will know soooo many things that you will learn about good and bad, blessings and curse, knowledge of this world and the wisdom of heaven and above all it will guard your life.

How to get Bible in your hands?

Bible is a Holy Book which can be read by any person without differentiating age, profession, religion or other. You can even get the Bible Online now.

How will I understand How to read the Bible?

Bible is divided into two Testaments (Testimony), Called-

  1. Old Testament – You will find many books and you can read one after another (Old History before the birth of Jesus Christ and how God spoke directly to his people.)
  2. New Testament- This part gives more teaching on our Lord and Friend Jesus Christ

 How will I know which words are from God?

When you read you will come across sentences like The Lord says,’ OR God said.’ You will also find people who were close to God and disciples of Jesus Christ.  Read Here.


Prayer for Peace in Your Life,

God of Heaven and earth I come to you in Jesus Name, Fill me with the everlasting Joy! Today I am blessed because I came to know that you as a good God. I want to know more about you. Help me in my life. I was to share my dreams with you and I know he has so many miracles mentioned in the Bible which I believe it will happen for me too.

In Jesus Name I pray,


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It’s time to be like Esther, be ready to recieve unlimited blessings

I pray the Power of God will destroy every distractions of the enemy in your life. He will remove that veil that covers your sight and limits your vision, every limited thinking every limited ceiling, every limitation of the past generation be broken our your life. You shall no longer be deceived and distracted, I pray you rise above your past generation in all areas of your life. The Lord will cause you to begin to see your destiny manifesting as God have ordained it from time like this (Esther 4:14) so shall it be in Jesus name Amen. Good morning, have a blessed Friday.

*April, you will arise & shine for the glory of God. (Isaiah 60:1-2)*

Psalm 27:14 Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.

_*Be blessed & be a blessing*_ ❤️

God will give you a New Song… You will Rejoice and Sing…

This beautiful morning of another beautiful day, pray God will give you new song and reason to dance in every area of your life (Psalms 30:11-12), God will defend and deliver you from the lies of the enemy and there shall be divine opportunities and open doors of opportunities for you. I declare no enchantment and divination against your destiny shall prosper (Numbers 23:23), in Jesus name Amen. Good morning, have a blessed Monday & week ahead

*April, you will arise & shine for the glory of God. (Isaiah 60:1-2)*

Psalm-128:2 you shall be blessed, and it shall be well with you.”

_*Be blessed & be a blessing*_ ❤️

Your Brother in Christ

Praveen Saldanha

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God will reload your life with new songs

This beautiful morning of another blessed day, I pray, God of grace will give you the power to overcome disgrace, the flood gates of heaven shall open for you today. You will experience positive changes in all aspect of your life in all aspects of your life, the Almighty God will re-load your life with new songs. He will re-brand you for excellence and greatness and He will upgrade your life to a newer better version. Unpleasant stories in the chapter of your life shall be edited, your story will be for His glory in Jesus name. Good morning, have a blessed Monday.

*March, you shall see the goodness of the Lord. (Psalms 27:13)*

Philippians – 1.6: Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.

_*Be blessed & be a blessing*_❤️

Your Brother in Christ

Praveen Saldhana

Happy Birthday!!!: Another Year for the Lord! I am Excited!

Yes, it all started before 25 years ago, when I was knitted together in my mom’s womb, and I never knew I would be beautifully made under the covering of the Lord. Today proudly I can say thanks to God for his unconditional love towards me and my family.

Life has been easy when I looked at the Word Creation from the Bible by God, though it was tough when I look at the world. But victory has always been front of me and my family. And darkness couldn’t hide more as the light of Christ is always around. Well, I have a message of thanks to all who have made my life special.

I don’t understand what you are saying? Well, I Judie Manuel, was born on 12 March 1992, I am celebrating my Happy Birthday and Excited!

I still remember the childhood days were hoping for the Lord was only the choice and for which today the favors are abundant. Sometimes life had brought many reasons to fall but God clearly says,

“The righteous may have many troubles but the Lord delivers them from all” – Palms 34:19

And this makes us rise up more than 7 times when we fall. It’s not your physical strength, it’s never your physical power, it’s never your mental intelligence, and it’s just the GRACE BEYOND IMAGINATION.

There may be so many birthdays each day, maybe yesterday was yours, or your friends and relatives. And when you wish them they really feel the importance of being alive and thanking God for everything. This is the best time where my heart is also praising and blessing God.

Truly I bless you all with this words,

1 Thessalonians 5:11– “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”

Isaiah 40:31– “but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

Lastly, I thank all for wishes, blessings and desires filled with the love of Heaven.

-Your loving Friend

Judie Manuel






CAll ME I WILL ANSWER YOU: Almighty Said to Jeremiah

Feels refreshing to write one of my favorite personalities named Jeremiah, How long you have been knowing, Jeremiah? He is called the weeping prophet today! Here are few details about him,

I always love Jeremiah’s Prayer, becuase He actually spoke to God and God always ANSWERED  him.
-Judie Manuel

Born – 655 BC, Anathoth                                                                                                                       Died: Egypt                                                                                                                                 Parents: Hilkiah                                                                                                                                   History Of Jeremiah, From the Bible 

Interestingly Jeremiah is one of the major prophets who served God very eagerly, there also were most times when God told him to warn people of all the events that should take place in Future. Serving amazingly, his ministry was very active one in the following years from the 13th year of Josiah, King of Judah which only continued until and after the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of King Solomon Temples which was again rebuilt in few years.


Now the countdown of his serving was continued with Jehoaza, Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin, and Zedekiah who were the king of Judah(3358 AM or 587 BC).  Though this information may not be familiar to you, it has been mention in the Bible.
You must be having one question,
Why then you are sharing about Jeremiah? Right? Here you go…..
I love Jeremiah’s serving because of one promise which God directly told him. Jeremiah was just a small child when God Spoke to him,

 The word of the Lord came to me, saying                                                                                   “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you before you were born                                  I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

-Jeremiah 1: 4, 5

Well, growing as a very obedient in the sight of God, there were troubles temptation and trials in his life. But because he always spoke to God and God was always ready to answer HIM, He had to be quite sometimes and sometimes he had to speak front all the people. And even the kings had stood front of Jeremiah with the warning words given by God to Him.
Sometimes these words would be the happiest once and sometimes it would just be the most dangerous once. In all these Jeremiah cried to save His people from the death which was supposed to hit the city.

A PHONE Number Connecting to GOD

Jeremiah 33:3 (Scripture from the Bible)                                                                                       “Call to me and I will answer you and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.”

Many times in your life or say my life, we are stuck with no answer to it, but like Jeremiah had called on to the Lord, the same way we need to call on Him which is the only the key to reach Heaven’s ears.
While being such a great named prophet, God gave Jeremiah a word mentioned in the Bible which is one the oldest and the newest answer for us to see how God can do wonder in our life.
This promise directly connects us to God, let it be in any situation and any matters. Most likely I owe this verse to you and for all who are eagerly waiting for the Lord to Answer
Don’t say you had always known about this verse, I also knew about it but, we need a reminder and I want to remind this verse to you when you talk to God directly with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul then nothing comes your way because He said directly said to Jeremiah, “Call upon me, I will Answer You”.
I too follow this verse, you know why? God Answers your prayer even when you don’t understand His plans in your Life. Even when you are confused and totally distracted and you are actually out somewhere crying to God of Heaven. In this times Jesus is at your side. Jesus amazingly tells in New Testament from the Bible.Read carefully…


Now Jesus also said similar words to many people which is as much important and more precious. Read on…

prayers 2

 Mathew 7:7  “Ask it shall be given to you, search and you will find it, knock and the door shall be open for you.”

 Now Jesus when He was telling and explaining about this chapter it was for us that we should not judge others. This was hard for people to understand but when you really know how you can live in the world between so many people including yourself, the way to talk or the way you behave is very important for God to look on you with mercy and love.

As His love is never ending so also He expects deeds from us which will be decided how the overflowing blessings should be on us.

 SO JESUS GAVE THIS PRAYER, Saying whenever you will ask any good thing it shall surely be given to you when you search what you want, you will definitely find it and whenever you knock on the door it will be open for you. This is the assurance given to you without making it hard to understand, as this is directly said by Jesus to all of us. How blessed are we to get this verse. Yaay!!! It’s a Blessed assurance!!!!

 It’s a sure assurance when you allow God to control your life.
-Judie Manuel
And this is enough for your life. Being away from trials and temptation is very important but at the same time, it’s difficult for the one who is with the world. But when you are in the world you are not of the world. As the word of God says,
John 17:15, 16, 17
“I am not asking that You take them out of the world, but that You keep them from the evil one. They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world. Sanctify them by the truth; Your word is the truth.”
You reading this I am blessed so do you because you are getting the real taste of heaven with the word of God. Such a wonderful blessing and honor to be in His presence. This will be continued with more word of God stored for you…
I would Love to Prayer for you,
Heavenly and Most Holy God of our ancestral I love you.                                                      I bless you as you blessed you and love me even when                                                            there was no one for me.
Jesus as many readers have read this message,                                                                         Lord you touch their heart and renew their mind.                                                                   I will bless you because you have been merciful to me and my family.
I know there are some people who have a desire and wait for your miracle in their life, Sweet and loving Jesus let you be their provider and a miracle. I know you are able. Thank you for your blessing and love.
In Jesus Name I Prayer Amen and AMEN!!!
Hallelujah!!!! Praise the Lord…!!!
God has Blessed you, my friends…
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Love You all!!!



My Heavenly God has made me righteous because I love Him! : A Human

Yesterday I had a very disturbing thought about my life, suddenly it felt everything going upside down. I waited on the Lord in my prayers and I knew where I was going wrong, why some things were becoming a burden for me. I was lost for 3 hours in thinking what is next? but three things made me going, Faith, Hope, and Love(Next edition for Sunday). I really prayed to God and he answered me guides me when I am really missing some things. This is my personal experience about yesterday, I don’t know what you’re going through tomorrow, Do you have the question like what I have? Okay! Maybe you’re getting it too confused with your life in areas like business, family, finance, friends, marriage planning or even taking care of yourself. But Listen,  our salvation(deliverance) comes from the Word Creation of God. As I said I was disturbed I found one verse from the Bible that really touched my heart. It says’

Isaiah 54:13-14 I(ISV)

13 –Then all your children will be taught by the Lord,
    and great will be your children’s prosperity.

14 –In righteousness, you’ll be established;
    you will be far from tyranny(oppression),
        for you won’t be afraid,
    and from terror,
        for it won’t come near you.

“I  see fear, doubts, and terror around me, what should I do? I don’t understand how I will be protected and SAFE? ” -The Unknown 

Now this verse is the word of God, it clearly explains how God restores your life without reason, Jesus is glorified with the cloth of righteous and how God of heaven gives us the attention which actually we have got because of the blood of Jesus.  God clearly says, he will teach us, guide us and counsel us. Also on the other part, He says, I will prosper my children, how will you believe this, how this will be an assurance to your heart and mind? It’s very understandable, the Lord says, “for my Children”, how beautiful it is to have a God like this. I always love being on God’s Side. I love it in fact! I love God because He loved me even when I don’t understand myself.  I am Blessed, and you too my dear readers, It’s awesome! You should be dancing for what I am saying because you are getting the blessing as you are reading.

Now that God really promises to bless us in a special way he does expect us to be loyal and have a good relationship with him. This is because he cares for you and we are by any means his children. God is powerful in his working, he understands we are weak as we are physically made with mud or dust of the earth. Sometimes it does happen that we go astray wandering to find who cares for us? But know there is someone for you more than a person, an almighty who formed you and always keep a Bible with you. Whenever you feel lonely, sad, without care, failing, fear and confused read the verse which I shared.

God has called you out from the desert, you are his branch! – Judie Manuel

Jesus says,

“I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.”

-John 15: 5

Now all your worries give it to the Lord, He will guide you and bless you. Because he says, you are my children. I love you so much, but we should do the same for him as well. We should tell him, we love him too because he has made us in his own likeness. and if you feel you have done bad things, you need forgiveness, don’t worry, God is Love just go to him and tell him how much you love him and he will forgive you! And I know nothing is greater than his love! He is amazing! God is Great! He loves us more and more than we can imagine!!!

Prayer will change your life,

My heavenly father, I thank you for the life in abundance. I see your hand upon me. You are at my side and I thank you for it. I say that if you have seen my bad attitude and behavior, Forgive me, I need your love, Jesus! I know you have made me and I give my control to you. Bless me, Jesus! Thank you for this life! 

In Jesus Name I pray Amen!


Zamaars Comming with Glory on 27th OCT

Join us in this powerful Praise and Worship time, this is your day to see what the Lord has stored for you. David sang with all his might and with is all being, are you ready to dance for the Lord. Come and be blessed!


We thank God for the privilege he has given us by chosing  Zamaars as a vessel for His glory, we want you to come and be filled with Joy and Peace of Heaven. Cheers in His Kingdom!!!           

    #Zamaars, the band 

God is able to move you mightly if you surrender in His presence. And this is when you praise him and thank him or come to him the way you are. Remember, he is the God of your ancestral.

Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 

-Matthew 11:28   God Bless you!!!

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ZAMAARS Presenting their first album : Zarurat Hai

        Bekarari Baadh rahi hai…Bekarari Baadh rahi hai… Tumsehi Milne ki… and the best part comes …

…Yeshu Masih…

…Yeshu Masih…

…Yeshu Masih…

(One of the songs from their Album Zarurat Hai, coming soon!!!)

Their favorite verse from the Bible it says,

 I will Praise the Lord according to his righteousness and I will sing Praise to the name of the Lord most highest!

-Psalms 7:17


 It’s just awesome when these songs actually bring revival to your mind, body, and soul and lead you in the heavenly atmosphere. Not to be in hurry and staying excited the album is almost getting ready to bring a glorious revival in India and other parts of the world. Each song is written with prayers and from beautiful testimonies of each band members, and the compliments are given to the well-known brother, Musician Abraham Joseph, a songwriter, lead vocalist, and a well-known guitarist.

“ZAMAARS is a Hebrew word, meaning praising God with skilled music and honoring the throne of Grace. Each one of us are actually musicians and love to lead Praise and Worship with perfect voice, sound, pitch, and  best instrument.” 


Now Zamaars the band is very famous in terms of music and their love to praise and worship God the Almighty Saviour. Once they strum their music they are actually into an artistic mood of playing a magical tune which completely changes the atmosphere,  quite interesting, it’s now getting more curious to listen to the rest of their songs. Zamaars are totally molding and shaping the hearts of younger and elders towards the goodness of God. Today you may be a fan of many superstars, pop singers like Michael Jackson or Beatles, yes they are awesome, you definitely can’t compare their music and songs with anyone else. But the fact is we all have to Zamaar(singing with musical instruments to the Lord of all).

Today 80% youngsters need Christ, needs music that can heal their mind, body, and soul. It’s not enough for us to see youngsters dying with many heartbreaks and depression, and one of our mission is to get these youngsters in the heart of heavens. And we are doing the best! When we knew Jesus Loved us more than anyone we started loving ourselves. 


The most important mission done by Zamaars is saving many youths through their testimonies, songs and music and other important counseling activities done in local churches in Mumbai and other states of India. Some people who are reading this might also have attended there powerful blessed service in their own church.

Band Members, the most Music Spicy People! Just Awesome to meet them!


Abraham bro

Abraham Joseph, you can call him guitar birdy, He loves singing, writing songs, and counseling youth in many churches. He is really the most important member of the band who enjoys the directorship in keeping things enlighted. Yes, now you know him better! He directs and executes all the important decisions.



Jolly and most friendly face in the band, Robert Kannoor, best at lead guitar, professionally a Music Teacher, you will see him pretty serious yet very fun loving. He holds the master key to lead the band in handling many required equipment that can be used perfectly with singing and leading the Praise and Worship. And yeah, you know him well now!!



Richard Kannoor, a great pianist. He holds the keys to give beautiful tunings and sounds while leading the service. God has really blessed him with perfect music skills! Students just love him more than his music. He loves teaching his ideal music mind at personal and professional level. You know him now!


drummerAaron Sonty, Beats for life! One of the best drummers in Mumbai. He has achieved his vision when he started playing drums for Zamaars and became blessed in Christ, He is a very silent person yet very smart, exactly knows when to buzz online or on your face. He holds two degrees in the band, it’s the best drummer and the best financial planner. He is called a cool minded at times, now you know him!



Call him a kid, Roshan Tony! The youngest member of the Band. He is absolutely the most talented and most adorable boy in the band. Playing multiple roles in Zamaars makes him hover on technology and music.  He plays electrical and bass guitar as well as loves being Tech Hunt! Along with his musical life journey now he studies Electronic Media and Sound Engineering in one of the best colleges in Mumbai. And you know him well now!


Ajay , bassist

Call him moody and classy, he is totally biased with old fashion, he loves to be very serious with his singing and playing instruments. He loves the Vision of Zamaars, here we are talking about Ajay Gadani, he believes a way can be too easy when the Lord makes it right! He sings with high scale note which totally blows your mind off at times, it changes the vibration of the sound, and that’s totally cool!   If you are from Goa, tell him Hiii!! Professionally he takes guitar classes, and  You know him well now!

Well, this is just a start of the new and the very first album, more to know about them is they actually have been on tours for more places in Mumbai to serve God through the Praise and worship leading in various prayer meeting and conventions. Connect with ZAMAARS to know more about their booking and events, email- connectzamaars@gmail.com and support them for the glory of God. It’s just awesome when the songs of truth bring revival to your soul.  And we are excited about it all!

Contact details:

9773383012 – Robert Kannoor, Band Manager

E-Mail – connectzamaars@gmail.com

Be their fans on  social media pages,

Zamaars_Official -Instagram

@Zamaars_Official – Twitter

@zamaars – Facebook

Zamaars Channel – Youtube